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Thank you so much for sharing your testimony and encouraging me and so many others. Regardless of your financial condition, work stress, child issues, and other issues, if you find peace and fulfillment in your married life, you can be sure that God intended for you to be with someone to take the stress off your shoulders. I know this battle is God's that only he will be able to change my spouse.but am i strong enough to be continually lied to, and to sit here and care for him and the kids and act like nothing is wrongI honestly don't know. Does Delta Dental cover implants? Just keep doing your responsibilities and obligations towards your relationship, and you will see signs God is working on your marriage. whenever I feel discourage, I read it again and again. Your Relation Just Feels Better than Previous State, 10. All Rights Reserved. How do you know if God wants you to defend your marriage? Introduction: My name is Fredrick Kertzmann, I am a gleaming, encouraging, inexpensive, thankful, tender, quaint, precious person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you. Next month he will be elligable to obtain a divorce under New Zealand law, but I am praying God will block him in this. God has the final say so and will deal with both of you. Makes It Easier for You to Find Your Spouse, 4. When you spend quiet time with the Lord, you can pray for your current situation. I just came across this website and I am so grateful! For many months, neither of us had any peace. Not only will this create a healthy dialogue, but it will also shine a light into whats happening in the life of your prodigal. But He won't. Let me clarify. When their eyes are opened to the truth, they will come home. The enemy has blocked all communication and is doing their best to keep you and your prodigal away from each other. Powered by, Badges | During the ups and downs, one has to show up to discuss and fix things. Copyright 2005-2023 Faith And Marriage Ministries. Below are some practical tips along with biblical guidance that greatly impacted my life during our separation and divorce. When you look for your spouse througha media weddingor your relatives, things won't be so complicated for you. I hope this helped! Thank you so much for your testimony, your encouragement, and that you feel led by God to share these past two posts. Satan not only convinces the prodigal, but uses the NCP as well. Thank you again and God Bless You! Luke 6:27-28, 36. God used our son to deepen our faith about God's goodness. The sub-plots and lesser-known lessons that most believers miss, are blowing my mind. Wait on the Lord and believe in him! You are so bold to share this..Thank You, Jesus! I have been married for thirty-one years and separated for six months, and I have FAITH that my Lord will restore my marriage. We chalk it up to not being happy in our marriageit couldnt possibly be our adulterous relationship. Your relationship looks better than before. The post-pigsty prodigal spouse does not try to minimize what he or she did. You may have issues that your spouse doesn't like, but the point is, you need to work on yourself to improve those issues. However, this does not mean that those who are struggling to find a spouse do not receive help from Allah SWT in this regard. Even if it's not a physical relationship.there is lying and hiding and trust is broken. God is not interested in how you feel, but who you are; your character, your relationship with him, and your salvation. If you find yourself in a similar situation, I pray these steps come in handy. Like the prodigal son, we are prodigal wives. As our Good Shepherd, God leaves the ninety-nine in search of the one. They think that the bible has nothing to offer them in this day and time. And hes now battling with the idea of how to break it off with the NCP and all the people he will hurt in the process. How was your relationship with your husband or wife a year ago? It reminded me of when I was in my prodigal time and God delivered me, and it was just like you described. So I praise Him for you and this ministry. They look like theyre winning and he/she may even love them. If there is no trust, eventually there will be adivorce If you trust each other, it's a super positive sign that Allah has placed the right person in your life. Our two daughters professed Christ at an early age . More than likely, if you are asking this question, the answer is yes! Thank you, Sunshine! Now, peace overflows in both of . Likewise, if you are already married and facing some problems, you will still see signs that Allah is helping you to fix everything. So be careful not to display that negativity to us, because it will send us packing. So I truly appreciate you taking the time to read all Scripture references for yourself and that youd also take the time to point out my mistake, which as youll see, Ive corrected! Allow God to work in your life and give Him the responsibility for your prodigal spouse. I will not give up on him or our marriage. Thank you! Trust is vital in marriage. We are searching for a way to remain faithful to our vows while our prodigals are still in the pig pens of life, so I pray that God continues to use this site for many years to come. Your spouse will do anything to please you. And it will not be easy for them. The Prodigal's Perspective. To maintain a family well, you will have to have a minimum amount of earnings to provide for the family. A blessed spouse is the one who keeps all the promises and words even when things do not work well between the husband and wife. Amen. And in Gods time he will be back or I will hear from him. Your testimony has increased my faith in God by knowing what my spouse is passing through in the spiritual realm. God is not interested in how you feel, but who you are; your character, your relationship with him, and your salvation. Things might also seem that Allah is punishing you through your spouse. This post was my mantra as I waited for my prodigal husband to leave his NCP, and I would turn to it whenever I got discouraged. Soften my heart, dear Lord, and allow my prayers to bring nothing but the greatest blessings . But, as a life partner, you should be able to forgive your spouses mistakes as long as it is not something severe like cheating. Again, let me reiteratethere is NO PEACE for the prodigal. Praise God! When youre looking for your spouse through a marriage media or your relatives, things wont be that complicated for you. He tells me he loves me, will every day of his life and that he has a big hole in his chest; yet he can not seem to gather the strength to pull away from sin. Just keep fulfilling your responsibilities and obligations regarding your relationship, and you'll see signs that God is working in your marriage. I have let go and let God. So I needed to hear your testimony today so Id know exactly how to express myself to him. Give me my share of our marital property.' So they divided everything between them 50/50. Scripture is clear. Your Spouse Can Do Anything to Please You, 6. Someone just sent me this link and it helped me to understand what my husband is doing/feeling. This book will open your eyes to your . We began having more meaningful conversations and spent quality time together with our children. But now you are doubtful. (Psalm 51:17) 8. Show your prodigal sacrificial love without expecting anything in return. Thank you! And there were times that the guilt of my actions overwhelmed and consumed me so much that I could not enjoy the time with the NCP. The Prodigal Spouse book. By . Both you and your spouse forgive past mistakes of each other. Some days there may be more of a reluctance to talk about spiritual matters than others. Congratulations! This is a hard concept to accept. Thank you for this testimony. If there is no trust, there will eventually be a divorce. God bless you. Your spouse spends more time with you. UNDERSTAND, this promise has to die in order for it to be raised back to life. God has lighted my path, and I have such conviction that He has called me to stand and carry out His will, for His glory alone. Final. You will search far for a book that is this open about the prodigal . There is hope for your marriage, so please keep the faith, trust in the Lord and never cease praying for your spouse! It's always what we cling to when marriage gets hard. The most important thing you can do is pray and reflect on the Word of God. Keep in mind, only the work of the Holy Spirit can transform the heart and mind so be patient and loving when approaching your spouse. I am praying and hurting, forgiving and loving, but just needed to know that this was not easy for him either. Do it anyway. Both of you, the husband and the wife will be happy that Allah SWT brought them together. If marriage restoration is in your future you will have to have hope to get you there. Thank you for reminding me of my deliverance and the promises of God. One in the Old Testament, in the book of Joshua and one in the New Testament, in Luke 15, the Prodigal son.Gang, WOW! (Malachi 2:16) Do you believe that I joined you and your spouse together and what I have joined, let man not separate? You and your spouse forgive each other for past mistakes. We believe we could never be a good spouse to you because weve hurt you so deeply and we love the NCP. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!!! During our pause, it was evident to Tommy when the Lord was working on me and softening my heart. How do you know if God wants you to stand for your marriage? Thank you so much for this word!!!!!! 5 troubleshooting steps that will fix almost anything, Troubleshooting Windows 10 | Microsoft Press Store, Was ist Multiple Sklerose und wie wird sie behandelt? But, he needs your unconditional love to draw him to Christ. Here's his response: James 1:8 says that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways, and unstable is exactly where your spouse is. Someone asked my husband about the double mindedness of a prodigal. He knew that would be just the ticket to get us to actto commit adultery, to separate and to divorce. Taking what was his, the husband set off for distant lands and there squandered his wealth in wild living. If He can deliver me, I know He can deliver my spouse! This testimony really helped me, especially the part about its not about feelingsits about Gods promise. When you are about to get married, and looking for a spouse, there are signs telling you that you are getting help from Allah regarding your marriage. Bob: Yes; but there can be other kinds of prodigals. The next 20 long, hurtful, confusing years have brought us back. I love him and am praying for him and the NCP (that was really hard) each day. God speaks to me through your testimonies. Your prodigal's return is not meant to heal your broken heart! Parable of the Prodigal Spouse The prodigal son isn't the only story of a prodigal in Scripture. Thank you so much for posting thisI come and read it every time I feel like giving up or look at my circumstances, and as of today, I am giving my husband completely to God .. A couple must remember religious worship and obligations to ensure that their iman is strong and that they can handle difficult situations with that strength. They don't work their . If you find that your spouse is willing to take responsibility or act responsibly in this marriage and keep his or her promises and words, you can take this as a sign that God is working in your prodigal spouse. The more you show us the Christ like love and peace within you, the more restless, uneasy, uncomfortable and far from peaceful we become. The good Lord continued to heal my heart. The enemy wont find you where they left you at. Im praying that God will work in my heart and in my husbands heart as well. He is all I have to depend on! The post-pigsty prodigal recognized his behavior meant he deserved to be disowned as a son. But today, I want to chat with you about the unseen lessons in the Prodigal son story.I'm compelled to . If you find your spouse is willing to take responsibility or act responsibly towards this marriage and keeps promises and words, you can consider it as a sign that God is working in your prodigal spouse. It was as if my wife had written it, because she has said/done nearly all of what you have mentioned. We hear the ENEMY'S voice louder than God's; we have put God's voice on mute and the enemy tells us that we will be happy if we are divorced from youthen we could be free, happy and fulfilled. Many people just dont get why you go to church, or why you read that bible full of old stories. And no matter what I see or hear, I know that God is going to do what He says. We all need that. You have to have it. It starts in the premarital phase. You have no idea how much you helped me! It gives me a clear picture of the spiritual battle that my spouse passes through while he is with the NCP, and reminds me that God does work on both me and my spouse. But I have all hope in the Lordfaith is the victory that overcomes the world! Shane got worse before he got better. God does not want us to operate on feelings. This will reduce the chances ofunnecessary arguments. The enemy knows his time is up and so he uses you, God-ordained spouse to speak against what God said and cause you to doubt. The Parable of the Prodigal Son is found in the text of the New Testament, in Luke 15:11-32 to be exact. I praise God that although I may read His word over and over, He uses someone else to show me a different way to look at things, or He has someone encourage me. It was as though he had come out of a coma. Having a hard time in your marriage doesnt mean that things will not get right in the future. Believe the words out of Gods mouth. I have not seen or spoken to him since early in the year. This will reduce the chances of unnecessary arguments. 12. Praise the Lord that you came to your senses and trusted God to restore you marriage. On any given day your spouse might have as many as 50 to 60 reminders. Here is the Prodigal Prayer Strategy I received from the revelation of Holy Spirit giving me direction as I continued to pray for my own daughter - it's something that each of you can combine with your own revelation from the Lord as you spend time in prayer for your prodigal. We pray this because we love them. Making mistakes after marriage is quite common. I can see hes struggling with his choices and it hurts to see him confused. I lived and breathed by its words and the hope it gave me; it gave me complete faith that God would keep His promise. Stop believing the lies out of your spouses mouth. Here are 5 Things To Pray For the Prodigal. And, obviously, it will ease your way to Jannah. Peace. He is asking youDo you believe in my Word? Do you believe in my promises? Your spouse wants you to unleash your full potential. 203 613 Huels Gateway, Ralphtown, LA 40204, Hobby: Nordic skating, Lacemaking, Mountain biking, Rowing, Gardening, Water sports, role-playing games. Thank you for this post. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO TREAD ON SERPENTS AND DEMOLISH STRONGHOLDS!!! Its important to use discernment when addressing your prodigal. 8. The storms come to get our attention. While the enemy is coming for you, dont be surprised if it seems as if everyone including your prodigal spouse disowns you and stops supporting you. That's why we must lean on God and His grace. And obviously, it will make your road to the Jannah easier. is in the Far Country living a life of sin, but YOUR heart, O God, is broken as well. Your post just let me know that God is moving and taking over this battle. I was contemplating giving up my stand this weekendBUT GOD! No, you never know how Allah SWT will help you in difficulties. Perhaps Im rambling; but this is my pointthere is no peace for the prodigal!!! God Is Touching Prodigal Spouses' Hearts -, So true Bronx! Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement. Then do your obligations towards this relationship, seek Allahs help through prayer, and hopefully, your marriage will be fixed soon. This scale is the appearance of things; until this love story looks right in their eyes, then will they enter into agreement with this God-ordained marriage. I should definitely believe that and I should not doubt. When I hear your testamony, I hear the words of my wayward husband saying all of the same things. It was told by Jesus to His followers to illustrate God's love and forgiveness, even when one would abandon the security and blessings God has bestowed, to follow a fallen "wisdom" over that which God has provided. The one spouse who has been left behind then starts praying to God to bring their spouse back home. When I was in what I call my prodigal moments, there was a period of time when I was in the thick of sin and God was tapping me on the shoulder, but I ignored him. Standing with GOD, all things are possible and nothing is too hard for HIM! These stages will develop you to walk into the promise and help you to see the anointing God placed over your life. God met him where he was. You Trust Each Other and Respect Each Others Opinion. Thank you, your testimonies always encourage us. When You Always Feel Closer to Your Spouse, 9. All About GOD - Growing Relationships with Jesus and Others, MySpace !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); If you find that your spouse loves you more than you expected, and the person appreciates your efforts, no matter how small, it is a strong sign that Allah has brought you together for your good, He is placing blessings in your life. Thank you for your words of encouragement. God-ordained Spouses who God has standing and praying for your prodigal spouse will find themselves going through the stages below. Im standing for my marriage and praying for my husband and the NCP as well (and for her marriage as well). How was your relationship with your husband or wife a year ago? And I am so looking forward to what is to come and that my husband will be back in a right relationship with the Lord. People make mistakes, and that's what makes them human. Thank you and God bless you. "How do you put up with the nightmare that a prodigal can drag you into and keep you into?" Most of us are thinking, at this point, of a prodigal child. Whatever it may be, it's as if you are living with an unbelieving spouse. Your husband needs Christ and you know that. If it is the opposite, meaning your spouse manages time to spend with you, it is a good sign. So, yes, your life partner is decided by God. Reviews: 93% of readers found this page helpful, Address: Apt. | Cru, 15 Powerful Prayers for Marriage Restoration - ChristiansTT, Restore Your Marriage: 10 Tips That Will Change Your Life, When to wait and when to let go - Rescuing Marriages, God's Will to Restore Marriage After Divorce: Read This If You Trust God to Restore Your Marriage. That is exactly why Satan put this person in our path. It's only later that your realize the storm was a severe mercy from the Lord. We have two children and this has been so hard, but Im standing firm and believe God will restore my marriage and Ill rejoice when that day comes. GODS FAVOR RESTS WITH YOU! Ive had a real problem with my feelings, so thats really a big help to me. It did not happen immediately, but in time, God revealed the fruit from his labor. Love your prodigal spouse with the same love God has for each of us-love without conditions . you two, thehusbandand the wife will be happy that Allah SWT brought them together. Yet at the same time, I thought I had . This may not suit you, but if your spouse always supports you and helps you to become the best version of yourself, take it as a blessing from Allah SWT that you have given to someone who will make sure you see it through to the end. Some of what you shared is exactly what my husband has said; yet he returned to the NCP after a short attempt at reconciliation. . It could be that your prodigal spouse seems to believe in God, still goes to church, but if they are living in sin, such as adultery, they are deceived and do not walk with the true and living God. Thank you for the perspective this provides, as my wife has said all of the same things to me and I was starting to believe that they were true. Prodigals dont know which way is up. I am standing firm with God and I know that as He promised, He will NEVER forsake me! We are children of God, all of us sinners, working toward the life God designed us to have. I have witnessed this in my spouse as well. We want to be a light to help our prodigal spouse find their way to Jesus and the salvation offered there. The Prodigal is Welcomed Home Early one Saturday morning he again drove to his house and sat in the car rehearsing his speech and trying to get enough courage to go to the door. II. I just realized what I can do to help the kingdom of God. As Proverbs 21:30 declares, There is no wisdom, no insight and no plan that can succeed against the Lord! Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful. Satan, hates to see marriages work. So your experience and testimony gives me hope in a world that says Move on and give up. THANK YOU!!! AMEN! Your testimony has given me joy and happiness and a longing to know God more and to be like him. He took a deep breath and began to exit the car. He never stopped working on my husband's heart and transforming him. Now, it can happen that you do not have that much money or a stable job to provide the necessary stuff for your family. . (Mark 10:27) Do you believe in me? If you are not sure what to do, ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and dont be surprised if He reveals something that is outside your comfort zone. Their flesh, the world and the enemy are all working together to suppress your spouse's soul and keep them separated from God's truth. And we believe we have a future with the other person. If your Lord wants you to get married, he will show you signs and make it easier for you to find a life partner and get married. So yes, your life partner is decided by God. Theirexpectations may not be met There will be ups and downs, sadness and happiness too. Thank you! God will wipe every tear from every eye. I have a renewed hunger and thirst for God and I now love and desire my spouse and my marriage again after really believing I never would. Thank you, Stephanie, I am so grateful that you wrote this! Thank you for allowing God to use you and speak through you. Thank you! I've spent countless, exhausting hours in my fleeting life working to portray myself as a person I know I'm not. Speak into another mother and father's prodigal child. Your Spouse Spends More Time with You, 12. Matthew 18:20, I will give them a heart to know that I am the Lord, and they shall be my people and I will be their God, for they shall return to me with their whole heart. God is the only One who can. I praise God that He led me to this post. 5 Proven Ways to Fix Zsh Command Not Found Error on macOS [Bash and Zsh]. Makes it easier for you to find your spouse. He let him go his own way, suffer the consequences, and then, celebrated when he came home (repented). We as a community want to support each other, and help us all grow closer to God. Thats because after marriage, your sins will have consequences in your marriage life, and the same goes for your spouse. If your prodigal is agreeable to prayer, that is a great sign that God is at work! These 4. With time, I came to understand that God had transformed his heart and his godly sorrow was sincere. As he put his first foot on the pavement, he saw the front door open and his wife step onto the porch. Its okay to have some bad times between you when things dont work no matter how hard you try. Jeremiah 24:7. Whether it's for friends, colleagues, family, and other non-influencers, it's never healthy for your relationship. It really helps me understand where my husband is at and to not give up. Loving this way means duty, sacrifice, responsibility, and resilience. So my fall from grace I justified with his behavior. Now I feel broken a little. Meanwhile, as I wait, I share what God can and will do as if Hes already done it. Whether it is for friends, colleagues, family members, and other non-influential individuals, it is never healthy for your relationship. When both of you have this feature, regardless of just a few important numbers, it still shows that Allah SWT is with you. Bob, a returned prodigal, has been asked most often, "What is it like for my prodigal spouse?" In The Prodigal's Perspective, Bob gives answers from his heart to dozens of questions that are on the hearts of men and women standing with God for marriage restoration. If you live with a prodigal, you know what it means to love someone. Find ways to love and serve your prodigal without expecting anything in return. I recognize this may be very hard to hear, and you may be wondering why you should take the initiative if youre the one being wronged. Prodigals live in an illusionary world that they believe in. I have recently started visiting this site and I flock to it daily, absorbing the prayers and reciting them daily. to get your prodigal spouse or a rebellious child's attention to listen for at least a few minutes. If you find signs of trust, affection, care, respect, and forgiveness in your relationship, you can be sure that God wants you to defend the marriage. Love is a means of survival. During ups and downs, one must come forward to discuss and make things right. Our prodigals need the touch of God, but we need to feel it first. Dear friends, may God continue to bless you and strengthen you as you stand for your marriage, no matter where you are in your journey!In Christ,Amy Larson. In this case, the door of the rizq or barakah can be opened after the wedding. Let God do a complete and total work in you. Hope that helps! Praying for Each Other and Reminding About Worship, 13. The Stages God-ordained Spouses And Prodigal Spouse Goes Through Before Seeing the Promise - God-Ordained Marriages Matthew 26, 27, 28 is where you can read and learn more about each stage of the process. (Deuteronomy 3:24) Do you believe I can bring you through this?, So when you are hurting, rememberIts not about my feelings, but the promise ahead Psalm 147:3. When you are angry, rememberIts not about my feelings, but the promise ahead Psalm 135:14. When you are tearful, rememberIts not about my feelings, but the promise ahead Psalm 126:5. When you are fearful, rememberits not about my feelings, but the promise ahead Isaiah 41:10. And when you are disappointed or discouraged, rememberIts not about my feelings, but the promise ahead Psalm 34:18.. May Yeshua bless you richly in every area of your life! So he has two deceived people under his control and manipulation. "What is my prodigal spouse thinking?" abandoned spouses want to know. And if anything threatens to steal your hope you have to fight to hold on to it with everything you've got. It takes time. 4. I pray your marriage has been restored. Peace in married life means that no matter how stressed you are and no matter how many problems you and your family are facing, your spouse is someone who will bring you comfort. 1.) !. Today, your prodigal spouse is distant; tomorrow pleasant; the next day angry; and the next happyas if life couldnt be better. He or she realizes the sin is against both God and his/her spouse (see vv 18). I was looking to read it where you said it was and it wasnt there, so I just wanted to let you know so that others will know where to find it. But you on the other hand, have God and the Holy Spirit, and all of his angels on your left, and on your right, in front of you, behind you, and everywhere you go. Start acting and believing like it is so. If you have been standing for your marriage and have grown accustomed to dealing with a prodigal spouse walking blindly in sin, you've likely faced situations where you've been tempted to engage your spouse in a no holds barred debate, in the hopes that through your passionate arguments . It's okay to have bad times between you when things don't work out, no matter how hard you try. Desiring your prodigal to have a restored relationship with the Lord should far outweigh the longing for a restored marriage. During the last twenty years of marriage ministry, the question Bob has been asked most often has been, "What is it like for my prodigal spouse?" In The Prodigal's Perspective, Bob gives answers from his heart to dozens of questions that are on the hearts of men and women standing with God for marriage restoration. And I believe that God will restore our marriages if we stand in Faith, Believing Him. Trust is a vital thing in marriage. For that, you must bepraying for each other Also, for worldly matters, couples should pray for each other to do things on their behalf. It is just as you said; good moments, bad moments and you never know what will be the next time. He or she will put these issues off your mind for a while and encourage you to keep doing what you can to make sure your ending is a good one. Thank you. His sacrifices did not go unnoticed. My heart was starting to harden toward my wife and i was becoming numb about restoration, but my spirit has been jump started. Are you seeking marriage restoration? Prodigal Spouse Testimonies Michael and Wanda, this book has really helped meI now feel I have the tools and encouragement to do what I have to do I am confident that even though my husband has moved out that God is not done with us! Over time, the seeds he sowed took root and began to grow. You have no control over your prodigals actions or inactions, but you can take personal responsibility for yourself. Someone who is self-focused is typically prideful, and we know what the bible says about pride. Im standing for my marriage to my wife of seven years, who left and moved in with her cousin. When you're in the storm, you tend to be fearful, angry and frustrated. And He is not interested in what makes you comfortable. May you be blessed amply by our Lord for sharing your testimony as a prodigal. Signs that God is Working in Your Marriage. There is still hope. Print these out or bookmark this page. Thank you for your words of encouragement! My husband and the NCP just legalized their adultery last month, but I will not give up. God will not change your spouse for you. We believe that we are really happy, but thats not so, and our hearts even tell us that. "I didn't love my husband. I understand who the NCP is, but dont know what it means. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will attract the attention of your prodigal spouse like the Holy Spirit being allowed to work in your life. They have a form of Godliness, but they deny the power of the gospel. I needed this too. While God is transforming me to be more like him he is at the sametime working on my spouse. Standing FIRM in my faith has been the BEST journey through the most difficult times! It took a lot of work and forgiveness, but by the grace and love of God, we have reached full restoration. "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." ( Psalm 46:1) "The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble." ( Psalm 9:9) "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." ( Romans 15:13) No never know how Allah SWT will help you through the difficulties. #3) A change from apathy to readiness (2 Corinthians 9:3) Prodigal spouses will be ready to do whatever it takes for restoration and peace in their relationship with God and their families. The enemy thinks hes winning and begins to mock God by saying things such as Lets see if the God he/she serves will save you., In the death stage is when you see your god-ordained prodigal spouse off with the counterfeit. He is going to church, and even takes the NCP with him. And He is not interested in what makes you comfortable. Now, there are two parts when it comes to making mistakes, and forgiving each other. It is common for even a religious person to feel weak in iman and good works. There are numerous examples Ive shared in our podcasts where Tommy went above and beyond in his pursuit to love me well. And we are once again blessed that Stephanie has been led to share her experience as a prodigal and the insight gained through her experience and being restored to the Lord, which she posted on the private FAM Fellowship website last night. Thank you sooo much for posting this!! Im truly grateful for your insight regarding what our prodigal spouses are thinking, their behaviour and actions. I am new to this site, and want to know what NCP stands for. Im so familiar with that particular passage of Scripture and cant believe I made such a mistake! It is when you give up, and give in that you waste time and restoration takes longer. Things might not work as you planned after six months or a year of the marriage. At the top of the page in my Daily Light devotional for June 20th were the following handwritten words, "Zach returned from Australia tonight after nine months . Its so amazing when someone here in the Earthly Realm who you have never met pretty much tells you word for word what God has personally spoken and shown you in the spiritual Realm. Similarly, if you are already married, and facing some issues, still you will see signs that Allah is helping you to get everything fixed. God took the initiative to love us when we were unloveable and we should do the same for our covenant spouse. This message forum is for those who God has called to stand for their marriage. Dennis: Or a prodigal friend. You are restored and reconciled with your God-ordained spouse. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Cunto cobra el Grupo 5 por evento privado? For those that have little to no contact with your prodigal, there is still hope! Philippians 2:1-5 . God told Hosea to marry a prostitute. Keep hope by trusting God to heal your marriage -, How To Know If You Have Been Dismissed From Your Marriage - Dr. Carol Ministries, 17 Incredible Signs That God Is At Work In Your Marriage, Click here to read Fighting for Your Marriage While You're Apart by Linda W. Rooks, 10 Signs Your Marriage Is Built on Christ, Faith and Marriage Ministries Blog Archive Faith in God will restore our marriages, Advocating for Reconciliation in Your Marriage, Marriage Restoration Prayers | spiritual gifts today, Does a good god want me in a bad marriage? Each time, your spouse has to calm themselves down and get back in control of the emotions. Read Scripture for encouragement and guidance. However, that doesnt mean those who struggle to find a spouse, dont get help from Allah SWT in this regard. Be encouraged. Once married, your gratitude to Allah for this marriage will increase. If your spouse has this characteristic, consider it as one of the signs God is restoring your marriage. He/she will make you forget about those issues for a while, and encourage you to keep pushing to your limits to make sure your end goes well. We tell you we would have left anywaythen why didnt we? But, when you recognize there is an openness and willingness, ask if you can pray with your spouse or pray for them. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Lord asked me, "Am I enough?" He asked my husband, "Am I enough?" And finally, we both answered "yes" to that question. The Lord changed my hopeless, angry heart in an instant when my husband left and instilled a spirit of steadfastness in me, even when I felt like the injured party. He was found with porn, dating websites and even escort services. This matter alone will make many things easier in your married life. "God, Change My Spouse" Today's message is from Bob, who was a prodigal who returned home and was remarried to me for an additional 23 years before the Lord took him home to Heaven. I knew that the Lord would be faithful. The starting point for that to happen is forgiveness. When I didn't have answers to Shane's many questions about God I would say, "I don't know Shane. The devil comes along and whispers in the prodigals ear and says look, this other person is right for youlook how they make you feelit will be okay once you are divorcedeverything will be okaybesides, your spouse should have someone who really loves them and you dont, so set them free. We believe we must let you, our spouse, go, because it is the right thing to do; we are in it too deep, there is no other way, you are aware of our sin, there is no saving face, and there is no going back. Making mistakes after marriage is quite common. Did your spouse walk out? His acts of service displayed the love of Christ in ways that were not present during our previous ten years of marriage. Linda. And Im claiming those Scripture verses and believe the Lord will restore our marriage. Stage 1: The Plot Against God-ordained Spouse. Just do your responsibility carefully, and things will get better. How do you let go and let God fix your marriage? ( Just like Bronx spoke about. ) Please support our ministry by giving here. More Prayers for Prodigals. Tweet A couple should remind each other of worship and religious obligations to make sure their iman is strong, and they can handle tough situations with that strength. That doesnt mean there is no hope of restoration if your spouse (or ex-spouse in some cases) doesnt desire to speak to you or spend time with you, but it may mean you have a longer road ahead if the latter situation is one you find yourself in currently. All About Marriage, Family and Relationships. It was a truly encouraging post at a time when I most needed it. Feelings come and go. Speak life into a young adult. My husband and I have experienced the reality of knowing, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth" (3 Jn. Romans 12:18But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. Its SO, SO true about the prodigal, and I was one a long time ago as well. 30, Finding Hope During Times of Trial Podcast Ep. I never thought I would be the type of person who would stand for marriage restoration and know that my spouse is in an adulterous relationship, but now God has changed me and my heart and I believe I must stand and pray for my husband because more than my marriage is at stake. Pooja in India. is god working in my prodigal spouse is god working in my prodigal spouse. 29, Unbiblical Reasons for Divorce Podcast Ep. Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 at 6:47 pm in Seeds Of Faith. It is a dictum of Alcoholics Anonymous that a person has to "hit rock bottom" in order to change. Marriage is one of the signs of Allah SWT, and oftentimes there are signs God is working on your marriage that you might not even realize. Makes it easier for you to find your spouse.3. God's truth needs to be sorted from the enemy's lies - this includes blaming yourself for your prodigal child and their hurtful actions. And He can. By watching and waiting for your prodigal's return, you are living a parable of God's undeserved love for us. Now I am the one standing for my marriage and praying that my husband will end things with the NCP and come back home. (Note from Linda: We are all so blessed to have the powerful testimonies of those who have been led astray by Satan and then delivered by the mercy, grace, love and power of our dear Lord and Saviorits the most encouraging evidence that God does bring wayward spouses back home! How Long Husband and Wife can Live Separately in Islam? Thank you so much for sharing this. I do not want my husband to remain in pain or to suffer, but knowing that he is not resting easy helps calm my fears. Pray for each other and remember to worship, 13. 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is god working in my prodigal spouse