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"I personally do not deem all men are violent. Advantages of Materialism. But as i have also pointed out the it the type of people in power that is far more important than the system they use. Therefore, you get full custody, the house, the car, half the assets, and generous maintenance.". William Bond (author) from England on August 20, 2011: If people cannot take responsibility for their actions then we we are incapable of making our world a better place. You want to put the demographic of people who can and often do run roughshod over other people, using the police and the state and the court system as their weapons, and whom no one (you, especially, it seems, since you'd excuse a woman's acid attack on another woman and place the blame for it elsewhere) wants to ever hold accountable, in charge? Take my life for example, I am a woman who seeks to make a major difference in the world someday in a rather revolutionary way, I am a multi-racial, multi-ethnic woman of color, who is a lesbian, and a transvestite, I am the proud daughter of a strong Matriarchal women, and belong to none of the patrarchal Abrahamic religions, I freely believe in a higher power that I identify as "The Great Cosmic Mother," and for most of my life I've been treated as a social outcast; absolutely nothing has come easy for me; my very existence as something that every single society on face of this earth hates (and would if they had the power brutally kill) has been paved through hardship! And most of those who are violent, are so because they were victims of violence themselves. The human male is similar but human males fight with spears, swords, rifles, machine guns, field guns, rockets, aircraft and nuclear weapons. For example: There have been many wars in history. Yes, patriarchy do use women's maternal instincts against them, suggesting that her nurturing instinct make women too 'weak' and emotional to make sensible decisions. That they have had no effect on the men in their lives, and played no part in maintaining and enforcing gender roles and perpetuating them on the next generation. I've also been a slightly detached and external observer of human behavior. Violence is what people resort to when they have no other options or no hope and no compassion or help from anyone. but men, as the military has shown, can be brutalised or trained into becoming killers. One thing I might not have mentioned yet is that it is also nearly always men who stop those atrocities. As a philosopher, I must question everything or at least whatever I find to be of interest or of importance, including myself and my own beliefs. Improves the effectiveness of data exchange. Muslems hate Jewish and Christian men, Christian and Jewish men hate Muslems. Yes, men have created democracy and tried to create equal societies and tried to stop wars, but what is very noticeable, is how they have failed in this. And I'm sorry to have to tell you that one reason the gap between the rich and poor is growing all the time is because of government interference in the free market. And again, you seem to blame men for all the bad things that have ever happened, without once realizing that the competitive push of men is what carried us from hunter-gatherer to agrarian to industrial to post industrial. This can make some people feel claustrophobic. As for me generalizing. It has been men who have ruled all our all our countries in that time, so if it has nothing to do with men, then whose fault is it? You cannot allow someone else to rule the world without the person doing the allowing being in power. It has to live in its pristine form. How about condemning the whole male sex on the actions of Hitler, Stalin, Po-Pot, Atilla the Hun, Ivan the Terrible? Previous Post All about Microsoft Access Database you need to know. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Their interest in resources and prevailing their culture was just as strong. And how would a woman rise to power in such a system - what would she need to do in order to get voted into power (assuming you're not getting rid of elected leadership)? ". Hawking certainly was never handed one damn thing, and overcame huge handicaps, to become one of the finest and most respected minds in science. This is why I wan't women to rule instead. The following are important characteristics of a matriarch: independent autonomous. Tell me, should I bother going over what I said yet again? As long as you don't see what's wrong with that, then there's not point in discussing it. Anyone who has an understanding of statistics will know that correlation does not imply causation. Men have the intellegence to be able to fly men to the moon, but is incapable of solving basic problems like warfare and poverty. Why is so much money spent on an incredibly destructive military machine and its very dangerous testing? A falsely filed TRO is instigating violence. This is because most of the wealth and important jobs are in the hands of men. You just will not see the fallacy in the conclusion: "if most of xyz are men, therefore most men are xyz". And I can't see how anyone in their right mind can expect women to surpass the advances of men in such little time when men have had centuries of accomplishment over women, I find that absolutely unrealistic, women need time to broaden their horizens and free themselves from the contraints of their traditonal gender roles and I will acknowledge the same for men as well, and this will not be accomplished over night. You are however not interested in political systems and won't or can't say what exactly will be changed. I don't think saying that patriarchy is not so bad because we are still alive, is not exactly a vote confidence in male rule. And so, it has indeed been men who have been responsible for such inventions that humanity tends to boast about, however these "inventions" that we all use have only primarily benefited one species, the human species at the expense of all life on earth, the very life that we depend on to survive. Or do not receive the support they need in raising a child. Wow. To me it has become obvious that women would do a better job in ruling our world. The BBC also made some science shows about Jocelyn Bell and how she was denied a Nobel prize. As we will always be ruled by aggressive, ruthless and violent men. Enjoy your matriarchy.". For instance, a male stag will fight other male stags to have the biggest harem of females he can possibly have. You can see this happening today in Syria. There is a greater sense of financial security and parents can save up for their children's future to a larger extent. A world ruled by women, is far less likely to go to war.. The Feminist idea that women need to learn to be as aggressive and competitive as men is nuts. As members of an official ethnic minority, Khasis have many privileges: the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council protects their laws, taxation is lower than elsewhere in India, land is set aside for their use in tribal zones, and a quota system operates for higher education and civil service jobs. It makes me realise just how brainwashed the population has been by patrairchal properganda. You are comparing millions male killers to a handful of women. If there is such a thing as collective guilt, then there should be collective kudos, no? All the matriarchal societies of the Neolithic age had men. William Bond (author) from England on May 17, 2012: Men are in a lot of trouble, Lucy, because they are ruling the world, a job they are completely unsuitable for. Supporters of. Patriarchy, on the other hand, is a social system, wherein males enjoy all the powers, control, and authority, and women are given subordinate roles. History shows the existence of a system governed by women, respected by all genders. Please don't make it other people's problem. She was murdered by a Christian mob after being accused of witchcraft and godlessness and of causing religious turmoil. But women do have brains, and are capable of outsmarting men. We are suppose to be an intellegent animal. This as well, should be supported by valid points, and the daily . You say that "In the west, we already have a partial matriarchy with respect to the base unit of society--the black community in the US, where over 70% of children are raised without fathers. Steve Andrews from Lisbon, Portugal on July 05, 2012: Lucy, who is it that invents and builds and uses weapons of mass destruction? We cannot blame any of this onto women because men have excluded women from any positions of power. You further say "I think this discussion is done. I think what needs to be done is more infromation such as the articles you have written to be more widley avaliable and for more people to be able to read and be educated about this to get more people thinking about it. In the animal world it is very rare to see female animals fight each other unless they are a carnivorous animal. The only way we can change this, is to allow women to rule our world instead. You have fewer financial burdens with a correctly structured partnership. E-unit: Common Breeding Systems for Livestock Production Page 3 "but you tell me that it may not have nothing to do with male rule!? While men continue to do this, we will always have wars, genocide, poverty and a large gap between rich and poor. You are advocating a major change in the political system because you believe it will be a huge improvement. For instance in the French revolution that promised equality for all people, only succeeded in creating a reign of terror as men like Robespierre and later Napoleon Bonaparte fought for power. So not only does a matrairchal government has to convince the voters they are better than the existing goverments, they have to demostrate they are a better than the existing system when they are in power or they will be voted out of office. Thats called a puppet government usually set up by conquerors. Youre forgetting that women are not all one monolith speaking in unison. 1 Mosuo, China. Females did not inherit, unless there were no male heirs. And what about hormones? Don't you think that's crazy? The public will also have to be re-educated to want to vote for geniune caring and nuturing women. "I would certainly agree that men are generally better at science, engineering and mechanic than women, ". The souls of men know no shame Hi Atlas Lonestar, thanks for your support. Mr Wabond, excuse my bluntness but I think what Lucy is trying to get at is that you seem to think it is somehow "natural" that women behave in a hegemonically "feminine" way, just as many gender conservatives assume it is "natural" that men behave in a hegemonically "masculine" (patriarchal) gender role. Not taking a man's life? This is not a easy thing to do. We cannot always believe what is reported by the officials we must trust no one, and question everything. If you believe you are less valuable than a woman, fine too. "At present female politicians have to join patriarchal political parties and prove themselves to be macho men to be taken seriously. But if you want to be pernickety about it, yes it is people who commit violence but over 99% of the people who do this, are men. These women are amazing, and to think I never knew of them before they are an inspiration to me. In fact, women are more likely to instigate physical aggression against a partner, and up to 70% of unilateral, severe intimate partner violence is female-perpetrated. These elements should maintain harmony with one another. It make sense for our world to be rule by nuturing and maternal people and not the most competitive people like we have throughout our history. They started limiting them to stay at home and nurture the young ones. cross dressing, femininity, wearing dresses, etc) as being invalid and unimportant, simply due to the fact that they (the male feminists) have never had to go through them, and therefore have no idea what it's like to be born into the body of a "feminine" man, which leads them to believe that all men are somehow "overprivileged". If I take away the house or withhold a share of the assets, it will harm the children. It is not the so called Western stereoypical and most feared, female supremecist society that many bullshit about; I mean, we don't even know what a true female supremacist society in all its full potential would be like given our so called biological differences. Next Post 10 Features of Microsoft Access You Must Explore. William Bond (author) from England on August 12, 2011: There are men out there murdering defenceless protestors on the streets Syria. Even democratic countries do this. Having the tubes tied will prevent the egg and sperm from meeting and, therefore, fertilization will not be possible. Collectivist nonsense that fails to treat human beings as individuals. Is this anecdotal evidence, or actual evidence? And further, a significant body of evidence in evolutionary theory ties the psychology of women's violence and competition TO their maternal instinct. The idea of an all female government is ridiculous. It is because their basic instincts pushes them in that direction. Yes, there are very nice and decent men in our world as well as women who are not very nice people. Yes, even the opinions of the respectible white/blue collor man, the corrupt politition, the outspoken woman on Jerry Springer who gets the audiences vote before her victim even hits the stage. Enjoy your matriarchy. You also seem to think that women only become violent when they are brutalized. We may not like it but last I heard women are human beings as well and I don't think that they should sit back and take the abuse and not get even for the treatment that is brought upon them. Follow Us: One advantage of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is its perceptive insight into human nature, a disadvantage is that the hierarchy fails to account for cultural or social differences between individuals. Following the argument of my main work, Matriarchy, which is in the process of being published in several consecutive volumes, I briefly want to present my theory of matriarchal society. Normally, when cells are old, mutated or injured, the process of programmed cell death will set off to prevent these cells from dividing and growing. It shows the scope of modern research on matriarchy. You didnt have any responses to my points back then and you probably wont have any now either, (unless you consider repeating yourself a response). Weapons using depleted uranium? The accomplishments of men are not the result of men being better. It is a system which benefits PATRIARCHS. A matriarchal government will not only have to take control of the government, but also the media, the military, the business and financial worlds. It has powered up our remote work enthusiasm and has made us able to perform at our best. The system usually rewards women for this behavior. They were extremely informative! ". Please, consider the burden you are placing on women--the burden of infallibility, the burden of perfection, the burden of being goddesses. The status of the children is mostly decided by the status of the mother. And if they know that a child will destroy their career prospects, then we can understand why women do have abortions. Why would I? Quoting from the above study: "In univariate terms, the largest differences between the sexes were found in Sensitivity, Warmth, and Apprehension (higher in females), and Emotional stability, Dominance, Rule-consciousness, and Vigilance (higher in males).". I would say that women most often become violent when they have been brutalized, because the extreme trauma suffered completely ruins a human being without assistance; yet there have been women who have been raped and severely brutalized that have chosen to do the right thing, but what then is the right thing? There has never been in history a case of an Amazon army of women that set out to conquer the world, but this has happened many times with men. They are isolated, poor, lack electricity or running water. Women leaders demonstrate an inclusive, team-building leadership style of problem solving and decision making. You insist this is true, whereas it is obvious to me that men and women are very different. Are you merely here to fight and shove your views down people's throats simply because you damn well feel like it? 4. For instance at present we have what is called the "Arab Spring" where people in the Middle East are getting fed up with their oppressive government and risking their lives to demostrate and fight their goverments. Of course men and women are different but any two people are different. There is a reason why women are attracted to powerful, dominant, 'alpha' men. Government is able to interfere with the free market because it is currently 100X bigger than it was before women's suffrage. If our ancestors had been pacifists, we would not be here today. A Matriarch is essentially a strong woman, a good woman who is responsible, reliable, dependable; she is the head of household and is considered the heart, soul, and leader of the family in a heterosexual family unit, regardless if the father is a stay at home dad, or the breadwinner, the mother respectively is always head of household and the blood always flows through her line, and no, its not bullshit, I'm living breathing proof of it! "No govement dominated by women will want to see children in the country they rule live in poverty and ignorance. Women have never done anything like this. 1. But being a successful military commander doesn't equip you to be a very good ruler of people. Once men realised that women could be dominated by violence, it opened the Pandora's box that allowed men to dominate the whole planet. Males often die to protect their offspring. This even happens in the West where rapist will complain that it was the fault of the women he raped because of the way she dressed. Yes, there are a number of female inventors and scientists, but they never get the credit they deserve in our patriarchal world. We have come a long way from living in caves without law or democracy. Your infantile dogmatic generalization is a slap in the face to those whom we have so much to thank for, who have often risked or even given their lives to advance democracy and equality. There is no evidence of a truly matriarchal civilization. But that's just a guess. ". More blatant sexism. What IS an obvious difference is that matriarchal societies had women making the decisions. What can you expect of a male supremacist world culture that has a history of oppressing women and having them remain subservient not only in society but in religion as well, obviously in such a culture women are not going to unleash their full potential, and when a woman has ever dared to the consequences have often been grewsome, a female intellectual was always at risk of life threatening violence. Men hate and fear other men from other countries, religions, social classes and ethic groups. But according to you, it is as much as women's fault as it is men's fault. He was the one with the last name and the sword, so it was all him.". William Bond (author) from England on June 27, 2012: So is your position that it is sexism to say, "men do a really terrible job in ruling our world". When news broke of Hypatias murder, it provoked not one outraged response from the Christian community. So, in matriarchies, mothering - which originates as a biological fact - is . You go on and on about maternal instinct, but mothers are the number one demographic of child abusers--both in numbers and in rates. Women can indeed invent things. Yes, men do have good intentions, many men, do want to make our world a better place, but cannot overcome their aggressive and competitive instincts to do this. Native women and all women of color continued to face a disproportionate number of obstacles, but the first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, Wilma Mankiller provides us with a good . In a government of equal numbers of men and women, there is nothing to stop men fiercely competing against the women for power. Can be a lengthy and noisy procedure. Repeating the same fallacy over and over again does not make it any more convincing. Would you then still be preaching the same lines? It can't be done. It does not promote research and development. So it will have to be a people revolution. I don't "insist that men and women are the same". The governance of a social group, community, and state is patriarchy. All Matriarchal socities did indeed have men, this is commmon sense however that doesn't necessarily mean that because they are men they were naturally depended upon to do the hunting and the women stay at home and do nothing but lay there pregnant, what crap! And that is the reason why the world is in a mess. Aggression is just the willingness to take action and competitiveness is what drives the standard up. The difference has started to become somewhat political. It is very true what you say about the differences in the sexes - how males are naturally more aggressive - im not saying all males but in general males are. I think you are too absorbed in the negative aspects of women and of feminism, I already know by the tone of your literature that you will never look upon feminism in a postiive light and I can respect that, you are entitled to your own beliefs, thoughts, opinions, and critical views of the world. History has shown that one of the tell-tale signs that a civilization is on its last leg, is on its way to decadence is the collapse of family life. Has it even occurred to you that stating men are violent by nature is laying the groundwork for justifying preventive incarceration? So positive discrimination towards nurturing and maternal women is a very, very small price to pay, if it leads to us living a more caring and loving world. Nothing else. Corporations are able to purchase their way out of paying taxes and being held accountable for themselves, and government forces that burden onto small businesses and the middle and upper middle classes. As for saying a lot of these acts of male violence is caused by women. There is not a big problem with men competing with each other in sport, but it becomes a real problem when men compete on a battlefield with spears, swords, rifles, machine guns, field guns, flame throwers, aircraft, rockets and nuclear weapons. What percentage? It is too bad that like pedophiles these monsters are freed to walk among us! " At present female politicians have to join patriarchal political parties and prove themselves to be macho men to be taken seriously. Every family plays their role by performing these functions: Reproduction and sexual relation Care & protection of children This is different from secondary data, where there is more time lag between data collection and publication. Because THAT is how women perpetrate violence in the public sphere. Therefore all men are peaceful. There are about 40,000 of them, according to The Independent, and they practice Tibetan Buddhism. There has recently been a rise in acid attacks on men by women, however as they say, "what goes around comes around," and I see this as these men getting a fair taste of their own medicine. We are not going to get a Amazon army take over any government by force. Women in patriarchal society tend to be subordinate to men, whereas women in matriarchal society may hold power positions. You can't even attempt to question your beliefs can you? It is taking all the elements of nature separate and independent. I can also explain that men on average are physically bigger and stronger than women, is that another sexist remark? I would imagine women leaders trying to be fair and try to give men equality and even leadership roles. I amwell, I'd be insulted if I wasn't so used to it. There are still a variety of risks involved in using an MRI scan despite its overall beneficial use. The problem is that men do a really terrible job in ruling our world and it should be obvious to everyone, that they are totally incapable of doing this. And in that time, men have ruled through violence, fear and intimation. You can't even know that they won't make things a lot worse. You're just using this to justify an idealized image you have of women. If you want women to rule the world, fine. Many men are very aware that warfare is total insanity, but men cannot help themselves. Only if they perform the act convincingly will they get voted. No government of any developed country wants to see children in poverty - male or female. So those 99% are, if anything, an indication that men are in a lot of trouble. On the other side, patriarchy promotes monotheism. But today, through democracy, it is now possible for a political party to gain power without the use of violence, so it would be possible for women to set up a Matriarchal political party or even take over existing political parties, Now, many feminists say that one sex shouldn't rule our world and men and women should share power equally. War was apart of their culture as it was for Greek and Roman men at the time, they all went to war and prided themselves in it, it was their identity as men and it was supported. Patrairchal rulers treat people as if they are numbers, or pawns in a chess game. To me government should be about getting intellegent and caring people into positions of power. This seems to be an overall trend of socio-historical development, which stems from few very basic aspects of human nature. We can see this in the animal world where stags, bulls, and rams fight each other every spring for dominance and access to females. It is short sighted and reactionary at best. Therefore, you get sole custody. Do they never receive any recognition nor a Nobel Prize? Hi CSR , I care a lot about humans as individuals. What Women Need to Know Before Signing Nikah (Nama) Papers? Nowadays, we also see similar behaviour in a rugby scrum, or American football scrimmage. Nowadays in the Western world things have changed and we now have democracy. Nice toys may make your day better. Get over it and move on. Apprehension would be a serious handicap in a leadership, and sensitivity connotes a thin skin, which would at best, hinder those who are sensitive from overcoming obstacles on the path to leadership. In other words, all the resources provided by nature are for exploitation. Men of violence always, blame the victim, or try to blame someone else. Men do a terrible job in ruling our world. While in the cold war between the USA and USSR, from the early 1950s to the 1980s, men come close to committing global suicide through nuclear warfare. The researcher collects data at the time were needed. And you forgot to mention that men are also responsible for most of what's good in the world. The point I am making about this, is that the masculine, competitive instinct drives men towards, conflict, violence and warfare. Such marriage practice has many positive outcomes. Women are currently at a disadvantaged with respect to rights, compared with men such as respect and such conditions According to Feminism can be defined as a doctrine or movement that advocates equal rights for women. War and genocide has been commonplace in patriarchal history. "Hi girlwriteswhat, The actual reasons why women abort is because in patriarchal societies they do not have control over their own bodies.". I'm just asking because I have other things to do than to repeat myself and it would be nice if you told me now so I don't waste my time. The technology that any intelligent life chooses to create is a reflection of the way they perceive the world, so if man believe's that he must conquor and subdue nature in order to meet his needs of self-interest, he is going to create technology that does exactly that. "Certainly no man would do this. Patriarchy does one thing exceptionally well. What they have shown is that they are more risk-averse than men are, and that men are easily manipulated by female gender enforcement to perpetrate violence on behalf of women. She just made a demand of her husband, made it a condition of her continued love and respect, and benefitted from the result. And it is that type of technology that we desperately need! "I am not painting a patriarchal picture of women i am painting a biological one. I have been told by a women, that many women do tend to see men through rose tinted glasses. We live in a violent and brutal world because it is ruled by violent and brutal men. Not all losses are compensated The insurance may not compensate for all types of losses that occur to the insured. Teaching boys to hate their own sex is a sure way to make things worse, not better. You don't even notice when you're contradicting yourself. Given that cultures have undergone a kind of social evolution since the beginning of civilization, the absence of any matriarchy could be taken as evidence that matriarchal societies are less prosperous. My point?I think women are more risk averse than violence averse. Beach Weddings in Karachi are the New Trend. The history of violence in men cannot be circumstantial because it has happened time and time again. If not, here's another suggestion. No. There are far more male killers than female killers. When you go on about how men ruling the world has been such a disaster, you're making the assumption that it is because they're men that it resulted in disaster. Women will never be as competitive and aggressive as men. We base our judgment of a man on his behavior. You gave great answers. Are you saying that any criticism of men is not allowed?". The role models given to boys in comics, books and films are violent heros who wins the day by being better at violence than the villian. I have no problem with a matriarchy or women ruling the world. You can safely say that over 99% of all violence committed in our world has been committed by men. matrilineal society, also called matriliny, group adhering to a kinship system in which ancestral descent is traced through maternal instead of paternal lines (the latter being termed patrilineage or patriliny). Some women are simply not comfortable with the stereotypically "girly" role; it would be like putting on a mask, so to speak. In other words, the father administers the house. These are questions that need to be asked. Many governments attempt to balance the powers of a monarchy between multiple groups, but a ruler that is determined to be cruel . According to Campaigner Uzma Noorami "In most cases the husbands are attacking the women because of the power structure that exists within our society; a very patriarchal system where women are treated as commodities." The main disadvantage of matriarchy is that it's almost bound to create a patriarchy in the long run. I know you will advocate that men and women rule together equally. Besides, women already do the biggest part in shaping men. Major Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages Collaboration . All women have a powerful maternal instinct, so the focus of any Matriarchal government will always be on children. In most of history we have been ruled by chiefs, warlords, kings, emperors and dictators. All the matriarchal societies of the Neolithic age was destroyed by violent conquest. This gives rise to the question why. Monopoly companies enjoy a supernormal profit. And there have been women inventors within the last century that have contributed to society and have made a difference. This does not mean that genitalia are linked to being a warmonger. Also I believe a matrairchal government will be more interested in teaching boys to be caring and loving people than any patriarchal government. Rob Sparrow which you might want to read: "war is a political relationship between states and has nothing to do with the individual psychology of the individuals involved Its the political systems that drive the actions of those in power rather than the other way around in order to gain political power, women have to accommodate themselves to the needs of these systems as much as men do". If women are advocates of capitalism then they are not very good at it. Men do not like the way they rule our world and do attempt to do better. Why are you so against the idea of women ruling the world? And a male feminist might say, "But I don't want to wear those things in the first place,so how is it a bad thing that we can't wear them?" Before we had democracy, it would have been impossible for women to rule any country, because men ruled through violence and intimidation, and women would find it hard to compete with men in a world of violence, It is true we have had, in the past, Queens like Elizabeth 1 of England and Catherine the Great of Russia, but they had to still rule governments, dominated by men with male values. Mothers are not known to do this. Given that humans are inherently non-violent and given that violence is inversely proportional to your social status, that would suggest that men's greater tendency to violence is largely circumstantial and not inherent in being male (you're not violent either are you?). William Bond (author) from England on May 15, 2012: Over 99% of the violence of the world is committed by men. For instance many men have attempted to create equal societies with socialism and communism but totally failed because their competitive instincts got in the way of this. (embryologist). Dont bother because that is also fallacious. Was it worth Global warming, Global dimming, Fossil fuels, Sea level rise, Greenhouse gas, Ocean acidification, Species extinction, Pollinator decline, Coral bleaching, Holocene extinction, Invasive species, Poaching, Endangered species, Eutrophication, Habitat destruction, Invasive species, Air quality, Asthma, Environmental impact of the coal industry, Electromagnetic fields, Electromagnetic radiation and health, Indoor air quality, Lead poisoning, Sick Building Syndrome, Genetic pollution, Genetically modified food controversies, Burial, Water crisis, Overpopulation in companion animals, Tragedy of the commons, Gender Imbalance in Developing Countries, Sub-replacement fertility levels in developed countries. What is sexism however, and what I pointed out, is to claim that men are less capable of ruling the world because theyre men. -. Is that in the hands of men or women?". From penicillin to the MRI. Almost people think that cancer, a condition of uncontrolled cell division, is the unsecured diseases. Please define the word before throwing it around. after reading about this I have noticed that whenever there is a news report about any trouble or crime it is always a man who is to blame - very rarely a woman! Can improve the overall chances in the lives of many people. I amwell, I'd be insulted if I wasn't so used to it. The persuit of power, irrelevant of what country, is the biggest problem. ". Men have a competitive instinct and women have a maternal instinct and these instincts make a big difference in the way men and women behave. To rectify this disparity, gender equality professionals do not advocate for a matriarchy or for radical actions like for women to stage coup d'etats. The saying goes "the mother makes the man". They are not careful about protecting it from the harmful effects of by-products. A woman will serve almost equal time as a man for shoplifting, but for something like murder, she enjoys a huge gendered discount in criminal court. Women are inferior to men, the reason we have patriarchy and not matriarchy, is because society rules that way. Then it should be obvious that we need to try and see if the other sex can do a better job in doing this. And the reason for this, is that men have a strong aggressive and competitive instinct whereas women have a powerful maternal instinct. "Again if we look at the animal kingdom, we find every spring animals like stags, bull and rams fighting each other for dominance and access to females. Among animal species, the only female kin of a given offspring who will actually die to protect that offspring is a post-reproductive age grandmother. Get over yourselves and realize that it takes both parties to make a functioning government and society. William Bond (author) from England on June 11, 2012: Thank you Aincas, for your positive feedback. May foster technological progress. All the team members can share their ideas and distribute . If you talk about the best system of the two, egalitarianism supersedes the two. You say that warfare comes from competing cultures and I agree with this, but who are the people competing with each other? 4. Advantages of family a) Perform various functions The culture of the family started before humans came into existence. I am speaking about men and women's basic instincts. Muslems hate Jewish and Christian men, Christian and Jewish men hate Muslems. The animals reproduce by mating and reproducing a new generation. And when she shared in the spoils he'd taken, it had nothing to do with her. Advantages And Disadvantages Of MRI: MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. Perhaps your grim view of men is self fulfilling in your case. Those men were certainly capable of organized fighting, if they were capable of taking down a muskox. Women are as capable of invention and innovation as what men are. When a woman does the same, we do not hold her accountable in the same way. But the male feminist in many cases(who is usually some hegemonically masculine man who can't understand why men would want to be "feminine") fails to see through his hegenomic myopia the suffering that his fellow men who don't benefit from patriarchy go through, living in a society where masculinity is basically a tightrope that feminine men are forced to walk on, in exchange for the illusion of "power". No female dominated government will want to see children live in poverty and ignorance, so they will put far more of the resources of any country they rule, into the welfare of children. If you're not prepared to thank maleness on the whole for saving your life when that catscan detected an aneurysm, then you shouldn't be vilifying maleness on the whole for the vagaries of war. When you see the mess the world is in, with men ruling our world. Perhaps this is what is happening. In India from the Hindu mythology we learn that five pandavas had married Draupadi. People have used this to justify all kinds of genocide incidentally. Your learning curve has no upward angle whatsoever. Women know this too. And now you've also declared women naturally less intelligent than men. In a broader sense it can also extend to moral authority, social privilege and control of property. In a monarchy, both would be expected. So you got it right on one count (patriarchy - social system that benefits PATRIARCHS), but wrong on the other (failing to mention that men don't need to be liberated from their restrictive, rigid gender role). The whole written history of the human race has been a story of conflict, warfare, genocide, slavery, injustice and poverty, and we dont find much difference today in our TV news. Sure you could make a list of differences too but that could never be even remotely as long. If so, then, in all likelihood, more female power would lead to more male competition, not less. Socialization of children. The real reason for women being less violent historically is because they had men to do the fighting for them. Do you even realize what you just said? When women believe there is little to no risk of getting hit back harder,they can and will be as violent as men. Matriarchs consider nature as something living and organic. But this means that females are the cause for male competitiveness and that this is their biologically determined role. You like most MRA's like yourself seem to get the impression that simply because a woman raises her children on her own without the interests of a man that that makes a Matriarchal household and that that makes a Matriarchal society. Youd have to assume the sexes are identical in order to arrive at that conclusion and you just said about 6 times that theyre not equal. "Patrairchal rulers treat people as if they are numbers, or pawns in a chess game. The reason for this is that women give birth to children and men don't. We are mammals; it is the female in all species of mammal that care for the young. Do people do nothing once the truth comes out? I've found another mistake in your reasoning though: You make a correlation where there might not be one and sell it as fact. In Matriarchy, children will take the name of their mother. The present patriarchal system doesn't do that. 3. Matriarchs consider nature as something living and organic. Sorry to say, if you think women are superior and have these sort of fantasies, you are a disgrace to nature and are weak both physically and mentally. But if men have exclude women from any position of power for thousands of years, what makes you think men are suddenly going to change? Also hunter-gatherer socities naturally tend to have non-hierarchal egalitarian social structures, there is social and economic equality and violence often tends to be very rare which in spite of their lack of technology seems to be more highly advanced society morally than the one we currently live in. It is just a matter of convincing women of this. Believe it or not, that is a PATRIARCHAL image of women you're painting. When a man kills his child, we put him in prison and call him a monster. This is because men are by nature aggressive and competitive.. I think that we are all well aware of woman's fallibility, wrongful decisions, their right to own every aspect of their lives and their decisions, their violence and indirect competitivness, as well as their cunning and manipulative personalities that could either be used to hurt or harm others, their cause of emotional abuse, and all the imperfections that women are guilty of, no one here is denying that, I think we all perfectly know what exactly it is we are asking for, we also have been at the shit end of the stick by women but see within them their ultimate potential to make this world better, just as we see this within all of us, we don't need feminism or civil rights to tell us that, but there are people in this world that definately need to be firmly reminded of that. If a group commits to a thorough communication process, then it is much easier for them to meet deadlines or offer additional help whenever it is needed. Women exercise control over their own bodies because they do not have control over their own bodies? but I do not exclude myself in being able to think and say what is in my mind.. It's reactionary fanaticism. It harnesses the potential productivity and protectiveness of males. This woman should be honored for her accomplishments, and I will do more research into her life in the future. ( noun) When a married couple live together in a new residence instead of with the husband's family ( patrilocal residence) or the wife's family ( matrilocal residence ). There is a interesting web-site on female inventors. Polyandry is a form of marriage in which one woman marries more than one man at a given time. You are incapable of seeing women as agents. Although people have demanded equality for the whole of recorded history, it has never happened, and we can understand why, by observing the behaviour of male animals. Capitalism is not a male economic system. I said politicians in general do this - women as well as men. GracieLake from Arizona on June 23, 2011: This is an interesting opinion, and one that has been bandied about by feminists, certainly. Search my user name when you have a revelation that women are actual persons capable of personal agency and sovereignty, and who are fully capable of being held responsible for their own actions. I think you should stick to speaking for yourself. Not that biology doesn't have influence it does however, humanity is not restricted by biology in the same way animals are, we have the gift of awareness and intellect, to make a damn choice to allow ourselves to be defined by our so called accomplishments. William Bond (author) from England on July 09, 2012: It is strange Aincas, but most of the opposition for what i say about matriarchy comes from feminists. Until then, have a nice life.". They are, on principle, need-oriented. The only political system that has noticeably improved the lives of the people has been democracy, even though wars and inequality are still commonplace in democratic countries. And if we decide to become pacifists (as you seem to suggest), then our culture will be overwhelmed by those who aren't pacifist. Now, if women are responsible for this as well, then I call upon all those people who claim that men and women are the same and both are just as bad, to give us some examples of female inventors of deadly weaponry and weapons of mass destruction. Unlike men, women are very unlikely to get into power through a bloody revolution or by conquest. In other words, women who try to get ahead in any patriarchal institution, has to act and behave like competitive and ruthless men, because if she was to show her caring and maternal nature, she would be condemned as being weak and sentimental. When a man earns less than his wife, the risk of divorce (an industry driven by women, who initiate 70%+ of divorces) increases by 40%. We can more easily manage the data in a DBMS. If you know about different cultures, you would be aware of the varying social systems. As for the rest, I agree that this is starting to go around in circles but that is because you ignored my points and just responded by repeating your initial statements. It is not because men lack intelligence that they go to war. Just take a step out of your belief system and look at the world objectively. For men, it is youth and beauty, for women it is power, status and material wealth. If you were successful on the battle field then you were more likely to be king. - Quora Answer (1 of 18): This is going to be an emotionless analysis done from an alien's perspective. No learning, no growing, no progress. "on the whole I have personally found women to be a lot nicer people than men.". Tyranny is easier to form in the structure of a monarchy. We need to be ruled by women with a powerful maternal instinct who will love and nurture the people they rule. But, circumstances started to change when males started to subjugate and suppress women. But if men are incapable of taking responsiblities for their own actions, then that is another reason why they shouldn't be ruling our world. You could make an enormous list of things that are virtually or exactly the same with both men and women. Come on. 1. This fierce competitive instinct also creates very unequal societies as well. And what makes you think that to do this women had everything given to them, do you foolishly think that men just opened the doors and embraced women who wanted a position in their dominated careers with open arms? Most definitions have highlighted the unequal distribution of power between men and women. I personally do not deem all men are violent. Under the influence of Charles Darwin's theories of biological evolution, many 19th-century scholars sought to formulate a theory of cultural evolution. But men are simply attracted to women with good physical appearance and feminine attributes. There was no feminism in those days to question and to criticize, and to take the blame for failing to bring about equality! it somewhat is the hierarchy for the God-like one. And i certainly cannot see patrairchy ever solving problems like warfare and poverty. If she got her brothers to come and do this, they'd be arrested for unlawful restraint, but because she goes through ex parte legal channels and has the police do this on her behalf, it's legal. Who is more diverse anyway? Back in medieval times they had the sport of jousting where two riders charge each other with long lancers on horseback. Perhaps the failure of female leadership of the time is not appreciating just how dangerous men were. 4. And I already know your next attempt to respond which will be to say that women cant possibly do any worse given how bad men did. This structure makes it easier to share resources in different divisions. It sounds like you just have an image in your head of what a woman should be like and that's what you compare your picture of men with. There is some conflicting evidence of matriarchal tribes. I cannot understand you thinking my articles are full of hate!? Diminished per cost of creation in this way empowering a company to cost its items seriously. One of the most significant advantages of the matrix organizational structure is its ability to share highly-skilled resources. If a man and a women go to a businessman with a new invention, which one do you think will get more respect? They are simply less likely to be motivated to overcome the hurdles involved, because over millennia, their reproductive success did not depend on their ability to self-differentiate from the collective in that way. There are other cases like this, where male scientists have stolen the work of female scientists. So if we recognize that men on the whole make dreadful rulers, then it makes sense to see if women can do a better job. The whole of history shows us so clearly that men do a really terrible job in ruling our world. William Bond (author) from England on July 17, 2012: Girlwiteswhat, I suppose you are going to condemn the whole female sex on the actions of a few women like Margaret Thatcher or Elisabeth Bathory. If we want to change this, and we seriously want to live in a more caring and compassionate world. Because a monarchy often uses family lineage as the designation of who can take over the throne, there are numerous instances in history when children were placed in this role. You also asked what is a patriarchal political party, it is simple, a political party ruled and controlled by men. 121. 145 other terms for advantages and disadvantages- words and phrases with similar meaning People tend to believe too much of what their being told and its a pity because then, when the truth comes out everyone becomes blind to it and then chooses the lie over the truth. This is only a tiny fraction of the accomplishments of human kind under what you call patriarchy. This is exactly the same thing as racism or antisemitism or any other hate filled bigotry. However, cancer stops this process. It is nearly always men, and this is to do with the male competitive instinct. I'm glad there are people like you in this world! Besides, researchers can also update data regularly, as needed. One thing I don't know if you realize is that women are equally violent in their personal relationships as men. War is only possible, because men can be trained to kill. If the world is really so bad, then go and live by yourself but don't sit here enjoying the accomplishments of civilization every day while hating on them. Matriarchs believe that all the elements of nature have a perfect balance. Women did not just sit on their ass and do absolutely nothing while leaving all the inventions and responsibilities to men, I have never in all my early ages of life believed that and I absolutely never will. Better reaction to plug interest. Until then, have a nice life. You stated that "most men who seek to invent or innovate are not "given" the tools, money, education and encouragement to do this. William Bond (author) from England on July 16, 2012: Hi girlwriteswhat, The actual reasons why women abort is because in patriarchal societies they do not have control over their own bodies. The tragedy of all this will be, that the new goverments the people have laid down their lives to bring in, will not be any better than the last goverments. Can't you see the total insanity of governments spending trillions of dollars inventing and manufacturing weapons in which to kill people? It can be initiated at will and ended in the same manner. William Bond (author) from England on August 13, 2011: I am not painting a patriarchal picture of women i am painting a biological one. ". Certainly no man would do this. "What is the problem with Matriarchy? Yes, you might get a few women join in with this insanity, but you are comparing millions of men with a handful of women. Daughters inherit the property of the mother. We live in a world where countries still settle differences between them with warfare. I would agree that it would be a great idea to teach men to loving and caring human beings. Really? It's been speculated that the elites imposed the matriarchal system on the serf class to weaken their social organization and more easily subjugate them. Biological determinism - the basis for pretty much every kind of sexism. I am also not in agreement with Lucy that men and women are more similar than different. However, there have always been cultures where women were in charge of things; they dominated families and society and were at the core of everything. Only sexists dont see anything wrong with it. It would be far better if men stop looking for scapegoats for the world's problems and blame each other and look at themselves and men in general. Patriarchy presents the opposite picture. The point about matriarchy based on women's matneral and nurturing instincts, we have a chance of getting caring and loving people into positions of power. It is, in fact, driven in large part by women, because women drive 80% of consumer spending. Emotional stability, rule-consciousness and vigilance are all good leadership traits, and express in men to a much greater degree than in women. I'm sure you can find a way to blame that lack of maternal instinct on men, though. That is complete bullshit, and it disrespects and dishonors the real daughters of mother's who were raised in Matriarchal households! Most Popular Podcasts From Pakistan That are Must-Listen. In matriarchal societies, matriarchs are leaders and hold essential positions that carry powerful intentions. Yes, I agree invention can be difficult for men, but it is even far harder for women. Talking about female inventors, I suppose what female scientists are up against is shown in the story of Rosalind Elsie Franklin. If you want to live in a society where women rule, the Mosuo are there waiting for you in China, in their villages with no electricity or running water, and where livestock roam through the houses. Women need to stop seeing men through rose tinted glasses and see them as they really are. Whilst Ms Greer is highly educated and thinks carefully before She articulates i'm still not sure if Ms Greer is advocating a Female led society but She does raise relevant topics from time to time. If women are denied or discouraged to use birth-control, or if they know that if they have a child they are given very little support in bringing it up. The company can invest this profit to fund high capital research projects to bring more innovative products to the market. All of those societies still had typical division of labor wrt men doing the heavy lifting and big game hunting and women tending children, simply because the alternative was impossible. Important research that has already been done on this topic has been, and will continue to be, included in . It is patrairchal rule that is holding back human progress, our world can never become a better place while men continue to rule it. Differences between what men and women? There are many definitions available for elaborating the concept of patriarchy. Why don't you go to the patent office and check what percentage of patents have been registered to women since 1982 (the year women achieved parity in post-secondary education)? Men can continue to be scientists, engineers and mechanics in a matriarchal society. I think you have deeply misunderstood where Wabond is coming from, I know for a fact and he has even admitted it himself that he is not trying to put women on a pedestal, nor see women as perfect goddless-like and infallible beings, hell no one here has ever said that, however, men have done a good job at symbolically idealizing themselves as such and still do even today, just take a look at the Vatican where the pope's word is considered God's word on earth! You're not even trying to hide it. Go back to school. Just education but more of it and most importantly, available to more people. Men did not "discover" that women can be controlled by violence. The other advantage is that patriarchy enables men to know their place in the family. As mentioned, this system is the descendant of female governance. Yet this is what patriarchal government produce all the time. And to tell people that if we want to live in a caring and loving world, then we need nurturing women to rule it. It is a social system where women possess the privilege to establish the structure of a family. Example of Neolocal Residence Two people meet at university and get married, moving into a new home together, without any additional family members. But men do not have the option of aborting a child they don't want--their only option is to try to walk away.). How about teaching compassion, forgiveness and respect? Omg, I'm so not a feminist. And for the record, I believe that when a woman kills her children, I as a daughter, feel that to be by far the ultimate betrayal of a mother towards her child, and feel strongly that she should suffer the ultimate punishment which is suffering in death! (It is because women give birth to children). Men are not permitted to be fathers to their children, and strong pair-bonding is forbidden in the serf class. This so called typical division of labor among Neolitic and Paleolithic peoples are the biases of early archeological men. I could go on. It gives glossy and attractive appearances to the building, making it a very useful material for aesthetic purposes. As for war and genocide, very few women get involved in this. It's not like she stripped that gold from the bodies of the slain. Religions like Christianity, Islam and Buddhism all have not succeed in stopping conflict and wars. Where have I said that? Black men are the most violent men of all, so should be actively kept away from positions of power and authority. In fact, it borders on child abuse. In a later stage, Morgan argued that a subsistence shift towards 'food artificially acquired' (, p. 501) would necessitate the formation of consanguineous groups from which arose families, and, over time, matriliny and matrilocal residence, leading to the formation of descent groups under a gynecocracy or matriarchy ([1,8]; electronic supplementary material, Note 1). how long to cook tater tots on pizzazz, carlos brito house greenwich ct, gm financial lease payoff address overnight, laurey boone age, bradford city academy u16, who is jane ramos working for, ral 3020 rosso ferrari, negative portrayal of disability in the media examples, godzilla mouse cursor, nicole lauren feld, when did madison kate meet hades, most translated magazine in the world 2020, things to do near hyatt regency aruba, responsive naming tasks aphasia, young's funeral home hemingway, sc,

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