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Coach Billy Donovan, however, all but ruled that scenario out, as the organization will play the long game with the point guard. Who is Gakirah Barnes? Cant do that anymore, because Raaaaacism. Black violence is as understandable as any hunter-gatherer violence in service of status and sex: see the Amazonian tribes and those in Borneo. Blacks. I suppose such a project may still have a value as a sop to liberal do-gooders who profess to care about the sociopaths bio-legacy, even as they live as far as possible from it. we know its true because the crime rate actually plummeted. Besides, they get to mess around all they want with no consequences. Unique in her status as a female shooter for her gang, Gakirah kept up a feed full of threats and taunts to opps, or members of oppositional groups. Now That We Know King Von Dropped $100K On Ducks Dome Looks like THF Mooda has Swagg Dineros (Bricksquad) 21 Savage arguing with Chicago niggas on clubhouse, Tells Press J to jump to the feed. But having studied the phenomenon known in the academic community as internet or cyberbanging I can tell you that the frequency with which young people use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to hurl insults, taunt enemies, and brag about violent acts is playing a meaningful role in fueling retaliatory efforts between gangs and cliques in marginalized neighborhoods. But I suspect that even Dems will come under a lot of pressure from goodwhites if they wanted to force Section 8 on people who own nicer rental properties. If the suspect shows indications of a concealed weapon that is probable cause. The devil and gun emoji indicate that crossing Vernon could lead to any transgressing rival being shot. Europe, your future looks like American cities in the 1960s and 1970s. With the revelation of unsealed police records, speculation regarding the murderer of Gakirah K.I. Barnes, 17, in 2014 appears to be over. Im old enough I might be, as Isaac Asimov said of his dystopian timeframe, safely dead by then. Unfortunately, and to the detriment of the less wealthy people outside of Chicago, the city has jettisoned its problem to other locales. Some are blaming the super voucher holders. That is, prohibit all liberal wussboys with no skin in the game who make a living telling blacks they are uniquely victimized by a delusion called racism which justifies their pathology and renders them blameless. A department spokesman declined to discuss those efforts. The news photo of the gap-toothed girl in her graduation gown, handed to the media by her mother, stood in sharp contrast to the images of Gakirah Barnes brandishing her gun on YouTube. The family of the 3 year old BLACK kid who prompted the killing of the gorilla is under investigation. It isnt a gun problem or a crime problem or a street problem. At 4:04 p.m. on Sept. 4, JoJo posted a video of himself and his comrades driving into Keefs territory. It sounds a lot like Harding Senior High in St Paul, though, if you add some (feather) Indians: How do we know its true? Her handle. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Blacks resented it, of course, but by any objective standard it was reasonable. But it was a moderating force. ", Is frisking young black men who have committed no apparent crime unconstitutional? Barnes was affiliated with a faction of the Gangster Disciples in the Woodlawn neighborhood. Even GOPers are on board with so-called reform of the justice system that would reduce the number of people incarcerated and return them to the streets. They used an emotion dictionary to rate words by how pleasant, intense, or concrete they were. Those are probably the key causal differences. long enough for the kid to climb through all the barriers that proved sufficiently protective for the prior 38 years? These included 3Hunna, with 300 being a reference to the Black Disciples. Im a kill you! somebody can be heard saying in reply and this was not just some rap lyric. Anything to divert attention from black crime. On that gangbanging s--t, this is what I do Them guns super loud, will shoot a n---a down!. Itd be interesting to see the corresponding numbers for other cities like Milwaukee, or Gary, Indiana. Apart from pathological liars or inveterate liars for sheer mischief it makes no sense to diagnose lying without a motive. It also has significant implications for gun violence prevention. That, and what appears to be the heedless greed of a big-time recording company, Interscope Records. Those programs, developed before social media became part of daily life, dont have the capacity to keep up with thousands of users hurling endless insults at each other. New York also hired a lot more police officers in response to the crime of the 1990s, and, during its stop-and-frisk era of the 2000s, steeply increased gun enforcement. (Chicago Gangs)Subscribe to The Juggernaut Chicago here: Print Magazine: Well, the Austin neighborhood on the West Side (next door to still nearly crime-free Oak Park, IL) was segregated up until Martin Luther King came to Chicago and demanded open housing. Bloombergs stop-and-frisk is effective gun control: the cops stop young black and Latino men because they dont like the looks of them, pat them down, and if they are carrying a gun for which they dont have a permit, off to prison they go. As to your suggesting that violent crime has skyrocketed in the UK and Australia since they gave up their means of self defense where do you get such total rubbish from? In most case locals are asking the police to help with gang members hanging out in front of their residences and businesses. Associated With. Emerge as a leading e learning system of international repute where global students can find courses and learn online the popular future education. So I guess its all their fault that Austin is the way it is. Tweeting under the handle TyquanAssassin, Gakirah Barnes taunted and threatened rival gang members but sometimes expressed conflicting feelings of grief. There are some great guys on the job. Thus the approach towards urban crime that yielded such great results in NYC could not be allowed to legitimized or allowed to be replicated elsewhere. Another said: Jst Brought A Crate of Guns Im on my way Thru Lamron shot u n Whoeva next 2 u.. They talk a good game but faced with the prospect of a house stuffed with young urban achievers next door and going to the same school as their kids, a lot will find creative reasons for why its best for them to stay in their current communities, close to services, family and friends. 6347 TMB NO SURRENDER LIL B (@TyquanAssassin) April 11, 2014 After her death, many of Gakirahs Twitter friends articulated deep pain. An attempt to match the New York law in 2013 was rejected by the Illinois legislature out of concern for skyrocketing incarceration rates for young black men. I can tell you that the frequency with which young people use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to hurl insults, taunt enemies, and brag about violent acts is playing a meaningful role in fueling retaliatory efforts between gangs and cliques in marginalized neighborhoods. Unique in her status as a female shooter for her gang, Gakirah kept up a feed full of threats and taunts to opps, or members of oppositional groups. RIP to her though. Neither country has ever made handgun ownership generally legal, nor was it widespread, so when do you suggest it was removed? The main ingredient: The citizenry was 100% white, 98% middle class. Mayor Groot Calls for a Conversation on Tearing Down Chicago's Five Lincoln Statues, Economist: America Is Experiencing the Worst Recorded Increase in Its National Murder Rate. . I always feel bad for them, as they get grouped in with the generic definition black America, and all of the negatives that go along with it. Chicago got stuck with much of the plantation underclass from the Deep South states, especially Mississippi. Gakirah would say things on social media like: Vernon Dats Da Gun line Lil Troy u cross it u End up on Da Headlines . Law abiding, white gun owners make them nervous, but Shitavious and LeGenius get a pass, because racism. Your post has been automatically removed because your account has less than 30 karma. Community comes together to hold a vigil to remember the gentle giant, and protest shooting of UNARMED GORILLA by fascist authorities: All we need now is for someone to assert that Harambe was an aspiring rapper.. Since we have a political class that is determined not to do that, were going to have a lot of intra-black violence, and all the while well get periodic chin-stroking pieces in the WaPo, NYTimes, and so on pinning the problem on lack of opportunity, guns, or residential segregation. As has been pointed out here and many other places, young violent men basically cannot be rehabilitated in most cases all you can do is take them out of the population via the criminal justice system until they are older and substantially less testosterone-filled. They may not have purged thuggery from Chicago to the extent they did in NYC or LA, but I doubt that is because the crack wars were not that bad in Chicago. Not the most credible source of information. If We see a opp F it We Gne smoke em, one of Barnes tweets said, referring to killing opposition gang members. He said hes working with Cure Violence in Chicago to develop a system to analyze such tweets. The shootings today are more spontaneous over day-to-day humiliations of youthful African-Americans, he said. Vasalgel/Risug as a condition of early parole would seem to be a relatively easy deal to make. Used to have a girl like that in my neighborhood in DC she was a petty thief and sometimes mugger, and would frequently get drunk and offer to fight anyone who was interested. Far less than keeping an inmate in jail for just one month. (Jaro), -Shooter was wearing blue jeans, a black hoodie and a skimask, black dreads were visible out of the skimask, -Alot of "witness" most of them referring to Dayvon Bennett as the shooter, without a doubt, some of them choosing his photo out of a lineup, some pulling back this claim; one of the females witnesses last names was not covered on accident saying COLEMAN. (after 20 years they can tell the difference but not when they start). Repeat when necessary. Not to be overly cold-blooded about it, but who cares? In this story, Kion and Rani meet in a different way. -Suspect came out of a parked blue car, came through the alleyway yelled "Yeah Bitch" and opened fire on 3 individuals after that returning to the vehicle and driving off. Steve, Im curious, do you know what that was? In Chicago, it was 100% illegal to own a handgun, even on private property, from 1977 to 2010, when the Supreme Court declared the law unconstitutional. Flowers. Specifically: Unknown Otherwise it will continue to be a source of wonder that anyone should want to pollute UR with ignorant doubly anonymous rubbish. The funeral procession became the latest to roll through the tight-knit, working-class neighborhood surrounding Mount Hope, where residents have traditionally paused to pay their respects whenever a hearse passes. One of his videos, I Dont Like, would eventually score more than 16 million hits on YouTube. Political Correctness and microaggressions were not the law of the land yet in 1971 when the film came out. Web1,680 Followers, 3,851 Following, 176 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Gakirah Barnes (@chosen1045) They think that they are as tough as shit, many white Americans have been cowed into thinking likewise, but if Americans got out of their cossetted privileged comfort blanket homeland, and had to experience real hard men, then I predict that the gangbangers would fold like wet paper bags. Let me guess . In the immediate aftermath, Keef tweeted, Its Sad Cuz Dat Nigg-a JoJo Wanted to be Jus Like Us #LMAO, the Internet shorthand for Laughing My Ass Off. The Story Of the Get Back Gang | The Chicago Gang Documentary: Gang History (Never Leave My Brothers) | The Chicago Street Beef that Claimed Dozens of Lives: Land Chicago | An Inside Look at one of Chicago's Most Treacherous Neighborhoods: video is about Gakirah (K.I.) Police think 12 comes from the TV cop show Adam 12.. Our team, our mission, our partners, and more. Try keeping up with those demographics with your Farewell-to-Alms, K-Selected, Affordable-Family-Formation demo. It recorded them shouting insults at one of Keefs best buddies, Lil Reese. Barnes may have died as a resultof her public life on Twitter. Ramparts Scandal a few black and Hispanic cops in the Ramparts Division were doing very bad things, perhaps in league with Suge Knight. Patton was curious to see what more could be learned from Barness Twitter feed. He was smart asf and knew how to act and handle him self in stressful situations. Then the grass starts growing, he added. If the percentage of those stopped have more illegal guns and knives than the general population of those stopped then the police can spot someone who is likely armed and are removing them from the streets. I bet it would match up with the second map quite well. Under the Second Amendment, you ought to be able to possess weapons to be used for lawful self-defense, and the cops only should have grounds to arrest you if you use that weapon unlawfully e.g., armed robbery, homicide, brandishing, etc. The future of gun violence prevention depends on a deeper understanding of how social media fills a need for disadvantaged communities hungry for connection, and when a hashtag or emoji is a signpost to the next exchange of gunfire. The buying back snd consequent reduction of numbers of automatic and semi-automatic weapons after the 1997 Port Arthur (Tasmania) massacre by a near retard has undoubtedly had one effect only: an almost total elimination of multiple shootings. I think they are much more interested in the act than the results. Voucher holders are given more in vouchers in order for them to afford more expensive properties in more affluent areas. But it doesnt say the deserters were black, though it adds the info that there were allegedly four of them. I dunno if thats what youre getting at, but I like it. I see that the NYC rate stalled during that period and the Chicago rate went up a notch. Bansley has been compiling incident reports of the some 100 gang-related funeral processions to Mount Hope a year. Ah, monosyllables and six shooters. Yes, having lived in NYC I can say that many of the cops there are from multigenerational families in law enforcement. Facemask emojis are code for no snitching and 100 means shes serious. I need somewhere to duck and hide for cover, Fields says on the video before shots ring out. KI wasnt some random innocent 17 year old girl I guarantee she was tryna get Von too she was claiming to be a killer herself whether its true or not she brought that on herself you get out what you put in this shit if a mf out here givin energy they some tuff ass gangbanging ass mf they eventually gone die or go to jail. On top of that, JoJos brother, Cashout, posted a video of himself calling Keefs mother, with him leering at the camera as her voice crackles over speaker phone. Unless the legalized drug has a impulse controlling side effect, legalizing drugs will not dampen ghetto violence. Robotripping has been heavily promoted by the most brain dead elements in rap culture. metal belt buckles.). After the grave was filled, the groundskeeping crew covered it with plywood. A Buffalo teen age girl, sitting on the floor, leaning against a wall and studying was killed by a stray shot. The good news is the hood rats will be paying the market price. I cant imagine. Had a great experience here. It is unfortunate that sometimes innocent bystanders are harmed as a result. Chicagos Police Department, overwhelmed, can respond only to the most serious problems, leaving citizens to feel responsible for their own security, he said. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But would it not be better as a first step to at least campaign against the idiocy that is the gangsta rap promotion of Robotripping, the abuse of DXM + high graded pot as the poor mans PCP? Its definitely a real phenomenon, and as Steve says, certainly a violation of civil rights (not that I care), but it clearly works. Then progress stalled in 2004, and the city has been through some harrowing years leading up to another alarming spike in homicides this year. And increased crime by dindus and the like. But words of peace are hard pressed to compete with a record company that can put up $3 million for words of inner-city war. Vernon is a well-known street on the Southside of Chicago, and Gakirah is identifying it as the boundary between her and any rival crew or clique. Now That We Know King Von Dropped $100K On Ducks Dome Looks like THF Mooda has Swagg Dineros (Bricksquad) 21 Savage arguing with Chicago niggas on clubhouse, Tells Press J to jump to the feed. It all started on Jan. 2, when somebody posted on the World Star Hip Hop site a 4 minute, 40 second video in which a youngster maybe 6 years old goes wild with joy about somebody named Chief Keef. There are lots of indications that New York City, by taking guns more seriously and hiring more officers, has gotten a lot of guns off the streets, creating a virtuous cycle.. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Please Like, Comment and Subscribe #gakirahbarnes #kingvon #oblock #chicago #k.i. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The tombstone, if the family has the means and the inclination to purchase one, will be inscribed with the name by which his loved ones knew him, Joseph Coleman. 480 Release. View Source Suggest Edits Memorial Photos Flowers Created by: JKSCA Added: 27 Oct 2019 Find a Grave Memorial ID: Maybe this was just another case of a black woman hoping that the death of her kid comes with a six figure legal settlement. Guns were perfectly legal and widespread in the UK as the right to bear arms was part of English Common Law. Looking back at the stories we told, and which stuck with us, during an eventful year. I believe they are prohibited in Chicago and New York. New York also hired a lot more police officers in response to the crime of the 1990s. When they got arrested, they rolled over on all the white cops in the Division for drinking beer on the job or whatever, so the media could play it up as a white racism scandal and bring in Federal Oversight. I doubt he had a will so his estate will probably go to his illegitimate child(ren). Steve, I think you are missing the great drama of our time. The Carl Rowan race war thing. A team led by Desmond Patton (right), Kathleen McKeown, and Owen Rambow (not pictured) is building a tool that can identify Twitter posts that could lead to violence. Tel (212) 854-2993, Apr 18 2018 | By Marilyn Harris | Photos: Eileen Barroso (top) | Timothy Lee Photographers (bottom), Apr 18 2018 | By Marilyn Harris | Photos: Timothy Lee Photographers, Apr 18 2018 | By Marilyn Harris | Image: Nanfang Yu | Photos: Timothy Lee Photographers, Apr 18 2018 | By Marilyn Harris | Photo: Timothy Lee Photographers, Columbia University in the City of New York, Training Computers to Understand Human Intent, Creating Robotic Assistants for Those in Need, Pushing the Boundaries of Augmented Reality, The Next Breakthroughs in Augmented Reality. So source? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The dynamic poses challenges to existing approaches to, I'm a Police Chaplain Who Had to Tell Virginia Tech Families Their Children Were Dead. The first graph shows a substantial increase in the LA murder rate from 1999 to 2002. DXM abuse and associated violence was a serious problem in a number of third world countries before their governments cracked down. Violent crime was all but non-existent. In the tweet, provided by Dr. Patton, Ms. Barnes says Lz, which has multiple meanings in Chicago gang cultures, including living life, at address number 6347. So its actually people out here that believe that lil girl/boy had 17 bodies? Sorry: UNARMED GORILLA CHILD; he was only 17. For a more honest portrayal of the Ramparts Scandal, see Training Day and Crash.. So with more young people, more crime. I hate speakin on shit like this but, I feel like she would be honored way more if she had caught all them made up bodies ya be saying. (TMB is an abbreviation for Trap Money Brothers or Boys). Either way he is out of the gene pool, paying huge dividends 15 years down the road. Vernon is a well-known street on the Southside of Chicago, and Gakirah is identifying it as the boundary between her and any rival crew or clique. They have their guns and their friends, and its on, he said. But having studied the phenomenon known in the academic community as. I see that the NYC rate stalled during that period and the Chicago rate went up a notch. Dejean Jones is a proud graduate of LAUSDs Taft High School, alma mater of Ice Cube and the NBAs Jordan Farmar (Jewish). So Blacks need to have White next door neighbors in order to stop behaving like savages. Any strategy, be it Stop and Frisk or some other application of Broken Windows relies on a substantial increase in man power to make it effective. No families (not even the noble African American Family invoked in hushed tones though never observed in real life) or networks of friends. Michael Daly reports. He was riding on a friends bike, standing on the rear pegs, at 7:30 p.m., when a tan Ford Taurus pulled up and somebody began shooting. The dynamic poses challenges to existing approaches to violence interruption, which treat shootings like a communicable disease that spreads through face-to-face interactions and can be prevented by steering one of the parties toward peaceful alternatives to armed response. As for the hormone blocker, I guess chemical castration is permitted in some states so this could be legalseems to have echoes of A Clockwork Orange that I am sure would get the SJWs wound up.. Meanwhile Chinese and Russian big money is not going to sit quietly while their investments erode away. Barness murder made international news, in part, because of her dual roles as victim and victimizer. Ive searched for confirmation of your story that Anthony Burgesss first wife was raped by blacks but can find none. They are Obama s sons, they wwill never take responsibility for anything ever. No hay que buscarle mangas al chaleco! Worse, criminal gun toters are not sent to prison for several years. Ironic that A Clockwork Orange was based on the authors wife being gang-raped by a home-invading hoard of black men, back in the day. In our rush to understand whether social media causes violence, we often forget what brings young people to social media in the first place: connections to other young people. The stereotype is true that a high percentage of White people like animals way more than they like Humans. In contrast, there are completely black neighborhoods in Chicago, like Avalon Park, that are pretty much 100% black but have much lower homicide rates because they are middle class blacks.). Its none of those things of course, but we cant talk about how the worst parts of black America are enthusiastically outbreeding the middle and upper class parts of that group, so were going to be stuck with this problem in perpetuity unless there is a huge cultural shift. that social media posts like Gakirahs might be contributing to the surge. They also created a dictionary of Barness vocabulary, including translations of the emojis she sprinkled throughout her writing. Sounds a lot like what the Obama Admin (and its predecessors) did to Rand Pauls Bowling Green KY, Perhaps crime went down after the 1980s because there were less adolescents and young adults committing crime. This man really monetized his personal attempted murders and murders. He decided on Interscope, reportedly signing a contract for $3 million plus a bio pic. The legislative forcing of landlords to take section 8ers is just for show. They are ONLY available to recent, frequent commenters who have saved their Name+Email using the 'Remember My Information' checkbox, and may also ONLY be used three times during any eight hour period. In the top tweet, Chicago gang member Gakirah Barnes mourns the loss of her best friend. Bobby Shmurda, a rapper facing decades in prison on gang charges, is of Jamaican heritage. Keef had made a few videos of his own, a number while under house arrest in his grandmothers residence. Given that 95% of blacks voted for Hussein Obama Al Baghdadi this would mean middle class blacks voted for Obama just like the ghetto dregs. When crime was rising in the 1960s and 1970s, Baby Boomers were adolescents and young adults. Medical treatment seems to be better so less shooting victims fall into the homicide category. Two minutes of my life Ill never get back. The data presented raises serious questions about some of Charles Murrays conclusions on the relationship between welfare and social disfunction, at least among black Chicagoans. Every curb you stepped off of it seemed like there was a group of 3-5 burly guys in blue. I think its mainly because shes a girl. Didnt have many of them, but I did enjoy dealing with them, despite the fact that their disposable income was somewhat limited. Sort of like how Hitler spoiled eugenics and (white) ethoncentrism for everyone (except Jews), the racist south spoiled gun control for everyone. What predicts violent crime rates is concentrated poverty and neighborhood disadvantage, and what determines concentrated poverty is high levels of black segregation combined with high levels of black poverty, said Douglas S. Massey, a sociology professor at Princeton University. The only questions are who gets what and on what basis., and of course, when. I recall a place where some friends and I climbed to the roof of a downtown commercial building to watch the Memorial Day Parade wind by, and no one panicked, no one called the cops, no harm was done, and a good time was had by all. So, the places where the Garkirah Barneses live are segregated, which gives the, Well, the Austin neighborhood on the West Side (next door to still nearly crime-free Oak Park, IL) was segregated up until Martin Luther King came to Chicago and demanded open housing. especially if you not getting caught. In the book, he changed the perps race to white, in the movie, Kubrick added having them raping while singing a broadway show tune, creating a bizarre racial self-hatred narrative to beat the band. Chicago's main problems are absurd levels of corruption blended with incompetence. r/Chiraqology, a subreddit to discuss drill music and Chicago gang culture. Generous readers sustain our work. In the Fuck Yo Man video Von wore damn near exactly what the witnesses said he had on during the hit go look at the video black hoodie, ski mask with his black dreads hanging out. I will be keeping I know a Black problem when I see one. In 2014, a rapper called None of Australias states have homicide rates even remotely approaching those in the US and that is a fortiori for gun related deaths including accident snd suicide. Ball said on Monday that he would be all for simply being dropped into a playoff series if it does take him that long to return from a second left knee surgery. They spoke to a relative who said she didnt know Barnes whereabouts, Boudreau said. Her handle, @TyquanAssassin, is a moniker she adopted after her good friend Tyquan Tyler was killed in 2013. Her killing demonstrates how social media can prove deadly for those involved in gang activity, Patton said. He gave out good energy to whoever he was around I think thats the reason he was so lucky to get off of crazy shit. successful learners are eligible for higher studies and to attempt competitive I think the city of Chicago is intellectually bankrupt. This created the appearance of a large prison tier, or of animal cages. On a per capita basis, Rockford far surpasses the crime rate of Chicago. Stop and frisk in New York City is a blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment; the so-called probable cause the cops cite is always flimsy and contrived if they have any probable cause at all. Landlords dumb enough to overlook it once or twice, wont do it again. Limousine liberals and their cousins who live outside of the range of urban blight will always find a way to decry our city management policies as being racist. For now, those of us who support intelligent policing and incarceration have lost. It is not a hormone inhibitor or chemical castration. Fifteen to twenty years: a ghetto generation. Population was greater then but still, those were pretty impressive numbers. Shit is disgusting and its literally devilish. Yes, this is also why hiring more cops, which is what many are calling for, will do little or nothing. What predicts violent crime rates is concentrated poverty and neighborhood disadvantage, and what determines concentrated poverty is high levels of black segregation combined with high levels of black poverty,. Perhaps the size of generations is a factor in crime. All we need now is for someone to assert that Harambe was an aspiring rapper. It might just be a generational thing, every twenty years or so the young-bloods go through their fertility rites and have it out. Let them get on with it. The New York Times says racial segregation causes murder, so does that mean there are a lot of murders in Boulder, Colorado where Whites live in a Whitopia bubble and are largely segregated from Blacks? Minutes later, Barnes taunted the officers, saying that 12, code for the police, was searching for her. In the book, he changed the perps race to white, in the movie, Kubrick added having them raping while singing a broadway show tune, creating a bizarre racial self-hatred narrative to beat the band.. Why would they? Why not have parole include periodic implants of testosterone blocker chemicals? AFFH. You gotta be on some Mafia Level thoroughness with every murder to get away with it. Are people like this classified as serial killers? The Chicago Police Department has The rapper involved in the recent shooting at Union Sq is of Guyanese origin. Good to see Durk (Lamron/300/OTF) Kyro (NLMB) this looked awkward, CPD not playing no more streets finna be dried up . Perfect E Learn is committed to impart quality education through online mode of learning the future of education across the globe in an international perspective. His videos, in turn, went viral and there was big buzz on the Internet about this newcomer talent, his charisma, his screen presence, his tingle of real danger. Gakirah Barnes Barnes may have died as a result of her public life on Twitter. Assuming Gakirah Barnes father(sperm donor) had a long rap sheet himself worthy of him being administered a chemical vasectomy as a condition of parole, all this mayhem could have been avoided 15 years later. It was very unrealistic. Professor studies Twitter threats of girl gang killer in Chicago, Netflix looks to curb password sharing, considers ads, Aiming to predict COVID, future pandemics better, CDC opens infectious diseases forecasting center, Joliet farmers wrangle cows thrown from semitrailer after crash on Interstate 80, 1 killed, 3 wounded in shootings Tuesday in Chicago, Obama relatives sue Milwaukee school alleging racial bias, Unmasked transit: Pritzker ends mask mandates in public transportation, airports, Bears must leave grotesque Soldier Field behind, get fresh start in Arlington Heights, Rare double-striped steelhead caught on the Chicago lakefront, Dear Abby: Im avoiding events where my childs abuser will be, Dear Abby: My popular husband seldom has time for me, Under fire: States assault weapons ban challenged by two lawsuits with others on the way, Illinois State Rifle Association, gun stores file federal lawsuit challenging assault weapons ban, Job cuts in tech sector spread, Microsoft lays off 10,000, Bulls will take cautious approach with guard Lonzo Ball - ready or not, Sky and Lynx will play in WNBAs first preseason game in Canada, Fun time should be over in Paris, as Bulls prepare for last push. This would give prevention workers further context. Perhaps the Old South had it right, after all civil rights are for white people, not blacks. Heres an old Atlantic article that picks up on the nuances among Chicagos black population. Liquidate all gang members serving violent felonies. (Courtesy of Desmond Patton), 500 W. 120th Steet #510 So A Clockwork Orange did not have to be Whitewashed. It has homes (mostly condos and apartments) and is generally a safe place to live (the entire northwest side, which is the 16th District) is very safe: Reduce their numbers by sterilization and remove the most violent through summary execution. But in the mid to late eighties what you would find is that local convenience stores in Chicago sold do it yourself crack making paraphernalia, pipes and torches all located together in hard to miss displays. His mother, Robin Russell, had to call out "Back up!". Either kill all the gang members wiping them out via the death penalty or cede territory. We now have the Millennial Generation, which is bigger than Generation X. Seventy years after they pushed out of their cradle, we are still dealing with the after affects of the Great Migration to the northern cities. On the show they portray Chicago as being a very racially integrated city. Nor would chemical castration be acceptable. Love. While gang violence has declined in New York and Los Angeles, it persists in Chicagos poorest, most segregated neighborhoods. Similarly, I dont doubt the accuracy of your research on sperm banking, etc. What predicts violent crime rates is concentrated poverty and neighborhood disadvantage, and what determines concentrated poverty is high levels of black segregation combined with high levels of black poverty,, AND high levels of black dysfunction. FIFY. They sold out. At the graveside, the ritual became too much like any young persons funeral as Lil JoJos mother crumpled in grief. When I said, Get out of my dining room, that was real, she reported. From the turf of another gang just three blocks away, Lil JoJo apparently decided to seek his own fame and fortune by starting a rap feud with Keef in the East CoastWest Coast style of Biggie Smalls and Tupac. Or are trannies in the bathroom a greater danger? Two weeks after typing those words, Barnes was gunned down by a rival No history (except ones fabricated by T. Genius Coates and Alex Haley). The collision between BLM and the De Blasio Administration, committed to letting Shitavious and the like do their thing, unmolested by cops, making NYC into a remake of a Snake Plissken movie, and the massive amounts of Chinese and Russian Oligarch money that dumped assets into real estate to protect it from people like Putin and Xi back home. There was a 1990s television show called Family Matters, which was filmed in front of a live studio audience in Burbank, but Chicago was the fictional setting of the show. But these are not the same kind of disputes as before theyre more localized disputes.. Gakirah Barnes, 17, was associated with the Fly Boy Gang in Chicago's South Side since her early teens. Heather MacDonald has detailed the NYTs campaign against Broken Windows policing policies and how they have covered up the criminal history of the aggrieved and the agenda of the left wing activists, lawyers and sympathetic judges. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Itll burn itself out when they get their fill of it until the next round of up-and-comers come knocking. Barnes, suspected by the police in a murder and at least three other shootings, posted an enormous 27,000 tweets many of them containing threats of violence from the time she created her Twitter account in 2011 until her death in 2014. In case of failure to reverse chemical vasectomy, artificial insemination is still between $500 to $1000. Those connections were apparent in Gakirah Barness tweets, even as she was becoming notorious enough to be dubbed the Teen Queen of Gangland Chicago by the Daily Mail. Amazingly this did not stop a street vendor from getting in a loud, profanity-laced argument with a customer that rapidly escalated into a shoving match. As evening neared, JoJo announced over Twitter that he was on 69th Street. It was portrayed this way based on claims by the same sort of people who later whipped up hysteria about racist white cops gunning down black babies. DWLs and SJWs and (((others))) constantly suggest that LE get dropped in by sky-crane from another planet or dimension. The murder transpired in the Woodlawn Chicago neighborhood. The Barnes Firm said this week it is launching four new offices in New York, including in Manhattan, Buffalo, Long Island and Rochester. Eddie Johnsons new administration. Steve recently posted Half of NBA Players Related to Another Elite Athlete. There is much more information that I left out bcz I don't think it's as important. The airport in that map is always linked to the community area just to its east that community area might even be called OHare. These laws make discriminating against voucher holders illegal. Digital Forensics. No intelligence, no prior experience or memory in place, no records, no families prone to following certain lines of work or behavior, no established hardwired behaviors/reactions that affirm or violate standards. of law because he is not wearing a suit and tie then we are a failed state like Iraq or Ukraine. Gakirah was shot on April 11, 2014, three blocks from her house. Outside in the funeral home parking lot, somebody blasted Lil JoJos 3HunnaK, and some of the younger mourners began dancing, rapping along with the murdered teen. 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