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While most people wont admit it, we all judge people by what they have. Perhaps the only physician-related issue worth separating out (otherwise this is applicable to any high income person) is the issues with irregular night shifts. And the auto insurance statistics illustrate that there is in fact a dramatic difference on claims for personal injury, bodily injury and medical payments between larger, more expensive vehicles and smaller, cheaper ones. LIke I said to KC in response to his ex who had a 401k, etc they've been in America longer and are more evolved. The difference those two changes will make is at least 100 times the difference that buying a fancy new car will make. OK speak in complete sentences with no #. My wife is in her last year of residency and I feel it is important for her to have a newer, larger, reliable vehicle. Anyone arguing otherwise is already a lost cause. cost obviously depends on where you live mine is a 3 mile / ~20 min trip, Work subsidized parking $5.50 / day (pre-tax) 10 min walk from garage, Long list of Pro/cons for eachsuch as 1 week later someone ignores my green light and totals my new car. A broken down vehicle can mean having to wait on a tow, riding to the dealership with the tow-truck driver, renting a car, taking a cab, etc. I hope I'm not stepping on any toes when I say this. If you choose a CPO, be sure to read the fine print on any warranty that is offered to determine whether the vehicle has been certified by a manufacturer, dealer, or third party.. While a financially independent doc driving a nice car might be at 0.1%. Why not have both flags? What do you think? Don't be cheap. Picking a car that suits your target market is a good way to put your client at ease. I put in a new stereo myself to do hands-free calling and navigation. Doug, that makes me feel bettermisery loves company. Tricia said she had a check from her totaled Camry plus cash, easily more than half the purchase price on a forester. The reason is that people think the law is for police to fine citizens. ya, well the thing is anyone can do what they want to do, its not a race thing its about how far your willing to go how you think about your future. there are Americans who are homeless because of stupid choices they made or didnt make.there are Mexicans who have 10 kids and no jobs. and people make fun of the Armenians who drive nice cars! Cynthia S. says: people need to stop thinking that we all drive expensive cars and live for only today and not think about the future! Just admit it, call it a splurge that makes no reasonable financial sense, and be done with it. Again Ill point to the professionals fascination with products like life and disability insurance here. I have ranted about this before so I guess I just have to accept the fact that this ignorance exist. born in Iran! I prefer new but would have accepted a CPO small to mid-sized Japanese coupe/sedan. Im not buying a tank just to protect my family. You can start your search via the form below. That's probably not even half of it. The Wealth Equation: Are You a Numerator or a Denominator? ready? Yes, their family had a hard time with it in the beginning, but if someone's got a spine they'll stand up for the person they want to be with. Im a Doc in Boston Uber Pool to and from work costs on ave 50% more than Bus + t monthly pass. A year old Subaru Forester is hardly an extravagant purchase at around $22,000, but I dont see how the payments could possibly be only $200 / month without a significant down payment. My cost to upgrade from an older Subaru was $9k, though Im sure it will be much more over time with higher maintenance costs. But he takes it in good stride. I dont know that theres some big difference in buying a car thats within ten years old, but much older than that and newer cars really do fare much better in crashes. You do not need an international drivers permit. They want the best of everything because they/we came from a land where (as a result of the genocide/wars/natural disaster/soviet union/bad leadership) we had nothing.An Armenian would rather have a nice car, and start several businesses (one of which is bound to be successful) than to work for someone else and drive crappy cars.I hold the same philosophy with shoes.. not cars. Thought this was pretty funny though since it reminds me of my dear old dad who swears by Mercedes. But everyone in my immediate family has an extremely expensive car. But as we can see, inexpensive cars are also extremely reliable. 3-5 year old seems to be the sweet spot. We bring money into a family. it's a new way of thinking. Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part, I hate them. For one, a lot of them do various types of fraud, and then use that money to pu Mot "non//gargantuan" C. says: who cares? I could have spent maybe $5k less on something not quite as nice that still fit the bill. BTW, I drive 30 minutes to work everyday because I moved so that my children had better school opportunities. I think it has to do with feeling a sense of pride toward your race. BEST to be HUMBLE and not keep up with the Jones. The statement that most Armenians drive nice cars is not a stereotype, rather a statistical observation. Yes, I rarely post but I do often read others' posts which is kinda why I don't post often. Maybe he is referring to the stress of not having a warranty to pay for repairs. I assume he is tying this into the reliability argument above. I get why people buy new cars but unless youre keeping them a good long time, its a costly decision. That explains it, we always give him crap about it at work. This shouldn't happen, but sadly it does. For example, someone marketing homes to the uber-rich young people could go for a sports car. The reason that Armenians rich is: 1. they hard working people. I got my luxury car 3 years old and 50% off the retail price and it had only 18K miles on it. WCI, easy edit for you to adjust: Think of the multiplication problem here. A brand new, fully warrantied large sedan like a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry can be bought for about $20,000 or leased for under $250 a month. The best and easiest way to do so is to front load your retirement in the first 5-10 years of practice and then allow it to grow till you retire. A few reports have come in regarding the payments to enter by car or motorbike, more data points are very still welcome in the driving in Armenia thread. Just keeping up with the registrations, insurance and oil changes on six cars sounds like wayyy too much opportunity cost. -uber is more comfortable, *Ive done them all favor control of driving myself and opt for subsidized parking option Agreed though, difference between a 2005 and 2016 Sequoias is probably nil. In the same way that people dress for the job, cars are Glendale is considered one of the most dangerous cities to drive because of bogus numbers. I really didnt want a loan, and I love driving the car because it feels luxurious, but a new car might have made more sense. That car is a little more niche and as suck will be much more expensive to fix/maintain that a honda accord etc. We drive ok cars, not too expensive, but things that take us from A to B We do spend money to enjoy our life, but we think long term as welland We are Armenian! And yeah youve got to return your lease in drivable condition ;). The worst example of keeping-up-the-Joness since a car is always one of our most visible possessions (as counter example, what percentage of the hundreds of people you know have ever set foot in your house?, but people at work know where you park). A luxury car with bad fuel economy will be a disaster, especially if the realtor isnt a big earner. live your life. I know Im spending a few grand extra per year on vehicles which we could be putting away for retirement or otherwise, and as such were borrowing against our futures, but I have peace of mind knowing she wont have any problems getting around town with her rotations and that I dont have to worry near as much about me or her being injured in a collision. For more details, see our guide to Armenian border crossings. Not to be snarky, but if your wife is still a resident, she is not a high-income professional (yet). Just call an UBER and done, I can take care of the car on the weekend or another day that Im off. Michael "The Gospel Truth" G. says:genocide shmenocide -----------------------------fuck you. My family's come a long way too. people need to stop thinking that we all drive expensive cars and live for only today and not think about the future! Terrible at choice making and following basic rules and common sense while driving, most definitely. BUT. lol My bf is Iranian Armenian! Missing a shift, missing a procedure, lost goodwill in having patients wait for hours more than usual in a waiting room, can cost the practitioner thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars or more. nobody (including me) is judging you. Yeah, but if I was a high income professional a cool car would be my weakness. As I told me dad when I was 16, I'm going to make enough money someday that I don't have to work on my own cars. I don't even change my own oil any more. Jelly ass peeps!Then turn around and break a neck trying to check out the imports. Nuclear / Thorium Cars - Solar Cars -- Electric Cars -- Hybrid Cars: What are latest Progresses n public availability ? And apparently $60K is insufficient to guarantee that you can even open your door in the morning. For realtors, their reasons for driving nice cars include: 1. Of course not. I can only think of one place in my state where that could work, and it would severely restrict recreational opportunities. But the truth is that we are clinically (not just statistically) no more safe in that car than we are in the 2005 Sequoia. #KC'speople ------------------It's not because they're lebanese. BREAKING: 16 children who have been unable to return to With the temperatures down to -10, the Azeri Press J to jump to the feed. --------------------------It's not a matter of assimilating. Current car is VW Passat diesel that VW has to buy back for $25,000 by the end of 2017 due to the lawsuit on emissions. I have driven nothing but beaters. "let's get him a cartier watch". . Agree and have faith, but we need to put resources towards research and not these mindless for political appeal things weve been doing. My philosophy isn't to live like a resident forever, but to do it while you are a resident and then for a few years afterward to jumpstart your way to financial independence. If you think cars are unreliable, go buy a boat. Everyone has a reason for choosing a particular brand or type of car. This conversation is older than 2 months and has been closed to new posts. She has no time to deal with taking a car into the shop and I have no desire to try and make substantial repairs on my own to save money. Owning reliable car doesnt have to be expensive. When you are writing a very large check for a car versus a monthly payment (even if you can easily afford either) you start thinking long and hard about what your actual needs and wants are for a car. Good for innovation, slightly worse for buyers. We dont intend to trade it in earlier, since it fits our needs and the buyback price is not significantly adjusted by additional mileage. Jeanny B. says:Armenians women, dont want to be with armenians guys, because they threat them like shit!, they see the womens lower than them, dont know how to respect women, even with their own mothers.!!!! Oh, and that's the last cussword for today. someone (the original owner) got hosed and someone (me) got a hell of deal. Some parents and grandparents place a lot of emphasis on having clean blood lines, not mixing races so that children are %100 that race. I tend to take a more moderate view. Driving in Armenia presents few challenges, even if your fellow motorists are likely to drive a little wilder than what you are used to at home. I've got two in the garage and one in the driveway. The best two separate chevy technicians could tell me? A sports car for those fun days like a Z06 or Porsche 911 turbo Other than that, given that you seem to want to generalize from the restricted examples that you've seen to the whole communitylet me then, as an Armenian male, say that I am sorry. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK, wait. I see people as people I am of Italian and Irish decent my family has always taught me we are the same. I havent owned a car since 2008, so I may not have any authority to say anything here, but you can bet that when we do own cars in the future they will be used fuel-efficient machines. But this idea that a certified, pre-owned car is somehow special has been pretty much debunked by Consumer Reports. I think I parked in the 3rd spot from the door to work for free and that was getting there 10 minutes later than normal. Cheaptimes M. says:I was in Gdale last niteI had a Troys burrito--------------You blew it. Needless to say I want that car to start everytime, all the time. But it does happen. specially nowdays, things are changing fast and families are starting to get more used to it, and deep down inside they are all wishing and hoping it doesnt happen to their kid.. haha. You already have one of those in your pocket! Great cars dont necessarily mean the person is the best for the job. I speak all 3 dialects. Im an attorney in private practice, and I wanted to upgrade my vehicle to have me look more successful. Financial Wellness and Burnout Prevention for Medical Professionals, Continuing Financial Education Las Vegas, Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference Park City. I might very well be mistaken), Mexicans of a lower socioeconomic status really dont give a fuck about tomorrow. Armenian willing to work. All this would make sense if the author was pictured in front of a Toyota Camry instead of a BMW. I have also driven a $60,000 car. There are no free volatility-reducing lunches that will inexpensively reduce your portfolio risk, and there is no risk fairy to insure the risky parts of your portfolio on the cheap. A new attending driving a beater may have 5-50%. If you really want to increase your safety, move closer to work and put down the phone. Moving to Indiana is not a great option since kids definitely benefit from many parks in walking distance, plus my 15-minute bus ride to work and ability to get home in 10-minutes on Uber if needed for kids). Gave me a good chuckle, but Armos are too cool for seatbelts, too freespirited to be bound by traffic rules, and too self-aware not to drive impaired. Most Armenian parents are very strict when it comes to their daughters dating a non armenian!and its not even about them being armenian or not its a specific type of Armenianthere are 3 types. .. Armenians from Armenia (who hate everyone else).. Armenians from Iran (who hate everyone from Armenia).. Armenians from Lebanon (who pretend they love all, but hate all)most armenian families would hate it if their daughter/son dates a different ethnicity, and most will hate if their daughter/son date a different type of armenian this is due to THEM the FAMILY, getting along with the family of the other person who is being dated. (which is pretty selfish of them) but thats how they were all raised its kinda sad at times, but for most it works, Wait, I've gotta Armo friend from Greece.Where does she fit into this hatred matrix.LoL. If you are that proud of your country, why did you leave? A new or newer car is virtually maintenance free, far less likely to have an unexpected breakdown, and provides other substantial benefits during ownership. The Yerevan-Gyumri road has a large police presence; only cross the solid white line if you are certain no cops are waiting for you. No matter your specialty youll be doing better for sure. Send a message, Not exactly what you were looking for? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thats a problem docs fall into all the time. Clients want that, and it gives them the confidence that the realtor will help them close the deal. But most people are kidding themselves into thinking theyre wealthy or just buying an emblem to convince others they are. Were still several years out from truly autonomous transportation. G, I m sorry to hear of your experience. I take public transportation to and from work probably 80% of the time. Why is it OK for Armenians to fly Armenian flags on their cars? No amount of life insurance, disability insurance, umbrella coverage or otherwise will prevent you from being killed or injured in an auto accident. When (if) rates ever go back up to historical levels, it would become very difficult (for me at least) to justify borrowing any money on a depreciating asset like an automobile. My latest car cost me about 0.4% of my net worth (excluding home), and that seems like too much. There is something to be said about the opportunity cost involved with taking the car in/tow, getting a shuttle, and picking it up. I don't think it would be acceptable in any other country to drive around the flag of any other country. The size of the country became smaller throughout years while muslim countries took Armenian land and people.In 1604 AD Iranian government took thousands of Armenians to Iran by force just because they knew Armenians are good at building cities and creating homes. That's it. Not a chance. We have a generation of immigrants who want to come here to reap the benefits that generations of Americans have died for but they don't want to assimilate. I love my small city ~300k people. "Me: *Pointing to my new Armenian friend* "I'll have what he's having. In the eastern Orthodox church, Christmas is celebrated on January 6th. Before you know it, youre justifying 3 michelin star restaurants every night. We have one car because we only have one parking spot. Crossing borders with a rental car. Tesla has the best marketing of their systems, but nothing more than anyone else has and at times less technologically. My 2002 Subaru WRX is still going strong, no breakdowns, all amenities still working @ 209k miles with only regular maintenance. Then again, when I think about it, I have seen this sort of behavior with all people and races. Our most recent purchase was a brand new decked out huge land yacht known as a Toyota Sequoia. They're bad in the sense they don't follow rules, are emotional, unorganized and undisciplined which is actually an issue that extends beyond just driving. Something to be said about the two year leases is that you should never have to replace anything at all. Armenians are definitely the WORST drivers in LA its not even close. # 3 The linked to chart shows that large cars do better than small cars in accidents, but there is precious little data that shows a new car is significantlysafer than a 5 or even 10 year old car. And when you have to take those headaches to the mechanic, theres a good chance you the physician will be sized up as an easy mark with a big wallet. That way a man knows you can be with him, or without him, but would rather be with him because of love, mutual respect, and passion not because of dependency.I'll be a lawyer in a few years, but that doesn't mean I'll stop being his arm candy. And more often than not, this guy owns or has access to other unused vehicles when his usual beater is out of service, be it a second beater, a weekend toy like a Corvette, or, more often than not, the stay-at-home wifes car (which coincidentally is a much nicer, newer, more reliable car than the frugal buyers own car). The discussion between beater and brand new luxury yacht leaves out my prime target when shopping for a vehicle: the 3-5 year old moderately appointed one owner car. A nicer classy car to go out in or travel long distance or go out with kids such as an Aucra MDX, AUDI Q7, BMW X5, or maybe a large 4 door sedan As a reason to get a newer car, its pretty dumb, but better than any of the other posited reasons above. January 6th is also the day that the three wise men are said to have visited Jesus in the manger. So that's 4%. In some cases, that means going for the luxurious brands. My first priority is financial independence or a solid trajectory towards it. Paid for that. Putting down the phone doesnt help the guy behind you from ruining your day. It depends on the individuals personal choices and life! 4. That M3 was a depreciation monster, despite buying it for literally half price lightly used, not to mention something that gives you a bunch of expensive flashing lights on the dash every few months. More detailed is, Armenians have been a developed race for over 6,000 years, a race with a history of kingdoms, religion, artists, writers, etc. Because Armenian girls are beautiful, who would want to share? The import duties / eco tax seem to hinge on the vehicle value and age. And thats on the flat, which the road isnt. Did we occasionally do some work on them? I totally agree that buying a car 3 to 5 years old is the way to go. The very frugal car buyer can keep a used car going seemingly forever with supposedly little to no work. Most times, realtors lease the car. But I will admit I overbought and splurged on my personal vehicle and the low-interest loan helped me do that. Just kidding. If your husband hadnt bought a cheap Chevy that never would have happened. Excellent discussion, however I am increasingly asking myself, Should I even own/drive a car? In the next 5 to 10 years, that will become a more practical and common question for all of us. enjoy your culture. During this interview season, Ive spent a lot of hours driving (approximately 65) and I can say Ive seen as many newer cars abandoned on the interstate, hazards blinking, as I have seen beaters. Different things make different people happy. Never a breakdown. In some areas, luxury cars are perfect because theyll work perfectly. Why does a lot of people not get this? I honestly like a safe car, so Ive been driving my Tesla model s to work for the last 4 years. The problem is that a lot of immigrants don't assimilate. Excellent point. This is a workhorse this car should last 20+years I think it'd be far easier for an Armo guy ti be a trailblazer than a woman. Take my free wholesome award, you made a amazing joke. I agree, the expense of maintenance or repairs should not be stressful for a high-income professional, but the experience of having to feel like youre getting ripped off by a mechanic or a tire-salesman is. Still anecdote? For the doctor who leases, trades a car in on something new every few years or even buys something a couple years old on the same schedule, he or she will never have to research what tires to buy, shop around a timing belt service, or become an expert on replacing an automatic transmission, because he or she has sold that car long before any of those things come up. I know most Armenians would do anything to make their family happy and would follow the norm and date within their culture, and its a shame specially when we live in a country filled with such diversity! I forgo rental as we have a spare vehicle. I live close to Glendale the apartment capitol of the world. Im not at the point that I want to lease, but never never never will I buy a used car as a daily driver. New vehicles are loaded with advanced technology designed to keep drivers and passengers safe and on the roadnot in the breakdown lane. No one is deluded into thinking that the BMW is a more reliable car. That stuff is heinous. I'm an Armenian guy and I dont give a mass-a-two-shits what race someone dates. pretty much debunked by Consumer Reports. LOL. Browse Chevrolet Trailblazer vehicles in Medina, NY for sale on, with prices under $4,000. I do wonder though about interest rates. Please subscribe to our channel and give us a Like. Look up online. Alternator, battery, all 4 tires because the alignment went out on a road trip, lthe whole computer had to be replaced after it failed and the car became nonfunctional. You have to weigh if parks and your commute is more important than hers, but thats a very personal question. Used Cars, New Cars, Buying Cars, Selling Cars, The following errors occurred with your submission. im kind of scattered) but you have your whole life to work on tomorrow. Two realtors in one city could have different target markets and require different cars. While driving nice cars will keep a middle class family from ever becoming wealthy, a high income professional family, especially one with two working high-income professionals can certainly drive whatever they want and still eventually become financially independent. In between times, it runs great and $1k here and there is cheaper than a new car, but at what point do you just throw in the towel? Auto accidents are among the leading causes of accidental death and injury in the United States. I've never even written that word before "/. I would love to have 6 or more different cars in my garage/driveway. Many luxury and semi-luxury brands offer further safety features and have models with zero fatalities as attestation to their effectiveness. We think its fine to buy a noncertified car and bank any savings. you really want all those city dwellers to move elsewhere? Armenian brats in the greater Los Angeles area who are handed powerful cars, then make terrible decisions and kill people are not only dumb asses but also terrible drivers. We are not India or even Brazil level yet, but shit's still scary, and the number of road fatalities is absolutely disgusting. Weak! No car ownership is definitely the utopian/dystopian future. 2. It has some impacts on attracting clients. Attempting to rationalize it as anything else is unnecessary and sad. Only normal maintenance outside of the 5 minutes it took for each bulb. The problem with Armenia is, nobody Where's a seat belt and their cars are propane there. sounds just like in the persian community. How big is your emergency fund again? Police is kind to foreigners; talking your way out of paying a fine tends to be easy. Besides, I have a feeling a lot of these features are much less reliable than we think. So realtors try to get a car thats comfortable enough. Gotta say that thing is fun in the snow, which I could use right now. And yeah, we're saying the same thing lol.David S very impressive. At least both of us abandon the concept of wrenching to save money. Many docs in her group have fallen asleep while driving home and crashed. However, if your target market is multimillionaires or youre a listing agent in Beverly Hills. I have to laugh when I see people talk about how inexpensive cars are unreliable. Reasons Realtors Drive Nice Cars. If you see a realtor driving the latest luxury car, it doesnt mean that they bought the car. The one in the driveway costs me over $300 to fill it's 67 gallon tank with premium at the lake. There's only one who has my heart and he knows who he is, The best response to the subject - George, Armenians women, dont want to be with armenians guys, because they threat them like shit!, they see the womens lower than them, dont know how to respect women, even with their own mothers.!!!! . lol, OK Mot!! He also has kept a beloved 1995 toyota pickup from high school. Or is this just exaggeration by angry drivers. Cops just give everyone a ticket that goes 5mph over speed limit. I did have a brother that loved his WRX, but once again is was always needing something. But literally last time I met him for lunch, he had to roll down the window of his SL550 to grab the exterior door handle to let himself out , Craig Daste thinks fancy cars bought on credit are worth it. WAIT, thats not what I think, is it?? David S. says:More detailed is, Armenians have been a developed race for over 6,000 years, a race with a history of kingdoms, religion, artists, writers, etc. Theres nothing wrong with enjoying city life. No way he is getting my business, Neighbors had two Benz-house foreclosed a few yrs later The most booked rental car type is the economy type and the SUV. I have a lot of friends from your background, but none of them can answer this question. I find the arguments about reliability unfounded and amusing. Sometimes people get to see the car a realtor drives before seeing them. I don't live in an apartment and I don't drive an expensive car.. Marvin D, Armenians are hard working people and you dont need to hate if your not driving one. From 1890-1915 Armenians were massacred by Turks and Azerbejan (Armenian genocide) Only because Armenians were soo smart that they were taking over Turkish government with all of the bright politicians. (Yes, we are trying to singlehandedly kill the planet.). For long-term parking and the papers necessary, see the car storage in Armenia forum thread. Reader strategy #5: Dont buy a car unless you have to. I don't think it is too bad, since the sicker you are the easier you are to care for, but I can assure you that the stress of dropping a car off at the mechanic and sharing a car for a day or two (or renting a car) once every couple of years is so far down my stressor list that it can be safely ignored. Doing all the math, Im not sure Ive come out ahead, as Ive already had to replace the tires, and I think the brakes will probably need to be replaced soon and this light comes on about the anti-skid system every 4th or 5th time I drive it, because even though it was really low mileage and well-maintained, its still an 8 year old car, and I live in a sunny climate near the ocean where things just rot. Let's say he can get 6% after-taxes and fees and totally ignore the risk. We have now owned an 11 year old car and a brand new car for about 4 months. Fern "America's Next Top Yelper" P. says:I work with a 41 year old Armenian guy, he still lives at home with his parents and won't move out until he gets married. But they may lose money as a result. Even that 2005 Sequoia would make Mr. Money Mustache cry, since a 2005 Camry would save a ton of money on purchase price and running costs. All young, head shaved, sweat suit with a leather jacket. Cars can also contribute to the brand of a realtor. One day (many years from now) Except mine will be of the Italian variety. Diagnosing a transmission whine or a driveline clunk doesnt assist a patient or develop the doctors skills. I feel very strongly about this and What Michael the Gospel Douche said is just disgusting. It will be a great deal for someone. You can't go back in time to fix today (once it's yesterday loldo u still follow? We have two car notes despite the fact that we could buy with cash. Well, it's true but that was a joke. Here, we discuss why realtors drive nice cars and what to consider when getting a car as a realtor. Hahaha you're a good sport about it. and its not true at allmaybe one and two here and there but then again thats EVERY culture.. here and there some guy will always treat their women like crap, and here and there every women will treat their guy like crap! What do borrowers use to secure a mortgage loan? After that, I recommend you enjoy the good life however you want to define that. If you decide to get it at the border, watch out. The metric just varies so much I dont think it does much. maybe I need to check out Armenia to understand this. After I wrote the first draft of the post I was glad to see that the WCI himself traded in that Durango on a new Toyota, so perhaps hes softened up a bit in his old age . There werent any cheap blue tooth devices at the time but that wouldve been great. A new study by the American Automobile Association found that technologyincluding maintenance reminders and other safety alertshasnt reduced the number of drivers stranded on the roadside. Absolutely. Wouldnt want to smell the BO, I'd categorize C as a sympathetic conformist.LoL. So add to that sleek Corvette a stylish aluminum-foil sticker on the windshield behind the toll tag. Go ahead and buy whatever you like, but dont bother explaining why its safer than my choice. These were the neighbor countries of Armenia that frightened and decreased the number of Armenians for centuries and until today. But we will need a different (not necessarily new) car in 1 year. Maybe they hit financial independence a month earlier if they do that their entire life. Budgeting a little extra for quality transportation goes hand in hand with the mentality of a financially savvy physician who goes to great lengths to reduce risk by using proven methods and quality equipment for treatments, obtaining adequate malpractice and liability insurance and using various financial vehicles to insure his or her income and life. A new car comes with new everything, new filters, new battery, new tires, new seals, new rings, new belts, new bulbs, new washer fluid in the tank. So, realtors achieve that successful projection. I bet Future You doesn't appreciate you spending his money either. Several readers said they dont buy a car when they dont feel they need a new one, instead keeping their ride until it breaks down. But I've noticed a similar trend in Mexicans but not with cars. While this may be true, its not absolute. Credit cards, monthly payments, 0% interest for x months its all the same psychology. Wife is an ER doc with a 50-mile commute (big city to rural area, live in Chicago and commute to Indianas more physician-friendly malpractice environment. Click to learn more! The average cost to rent a car in Armenia is about $40 - $70 per day. I had nothing to do with it. Not sure that metric is so useful. That said, safety features are primarily a way for auto manufacturers and dealers to sell more cars. nobody (including me) is judging you. The best car rental search engine for Armenia is Economy Bookings. One couple reported paying some 100 euro of different taxes at the border. But if you look at the best selling vehicle in America, the Ford F150, just 15 years apart: 2016:, 2001: Iranian ArmoGot all kinds versions here!lol. Factors to Consider as a Realtors When a Car. I dont think Ive ever traded a car in. What do non-Armenians think of Armenian culture? There, I fixed it for you. The Armenian diaspora that resides in Glendale is one of many, so pinni Let's assume they're pretty nice cars, maybe one is a $30K car and the other is a $20K car, so $50K total. The only real solution will have to be that, just reality. That's better than a kick in the teeth, but it isn't going to change their lives by any means. LOL you guys are funny!Its not fair that im generalizing this with all Armenians there are a lot of us who love all, and dont care! A $30K or even $60K car, even one bought on credit, even two bought on credit during residency, probably isn't enough to overcome them financially if they do everything else right. Maybe a used Corvette next time. What model and year? what you want to spend your money on, how much savings you want to have, and you prioritize your life accordingly, its not an Armenian thing ! A few hundred dollars a month matters to me especially with the costs of young kids. Yes, there are people who--and vehicles that--will do this for you, but they will cost you a pretty penny. Some issues that seem minor for everyone else might be a major issue for Armenians. Its only possible in a major metropolitan area. 50 if there is no charger at the lake (and there isnt.) had a photographer for my kid bar mitzvah show up at my home in a BENZ Im not counting the usual stuff (prophylactic timing belt replacement, plugs, batteries, clutch, rotors, brakes, tires). It was either buy a new engine or sell it to the junkyard. if you generalize like that it will fall on every culture not just all ArmeniansNo matter what ethnicity you are, you choose how you want to live your life! Comment below! Not to mention you can buy two Sequoias for the cost of a Tesla. Study after study has shown this to be true. Driving, especially an automobile with an expensive price tag, Reddit's most popular sub for everything related to Armenia! While driving nice cars will keep a middle class family from ever becoming wealthy, a high income professional family, especially one with two working high-income professionals can certainly drive whatever they want and still eventually become financially independent. Balance is the most important thing when making a decision. You lose!!!! i def. I was born in Armenia. Its also possible that when the client sees the agent in a great car, they assume theyre already doing great and dont need the money. 1996 Honda Civic $1000 2010-2013. The main roads in the country are very good to excellent. Mr. Daste notes that Im spending a few grand extra per year on vehicles which we could be putting away for retirement or otherwise, and as such were borrowing against our futures. I have borrowed from Future Me before and it turned out that Future Me didn't appreciate it. People have turned into fried brain sheep over here when it comes to driving. If I were a doctor that didnt have to do any marketing for my professional practice, then I would still be driving the Subaru or more precisely I would have traded it for another Subaru with an automatic transmission. ***Proud Tesla Owner.I paid cash though. He never really gives a reason for this. I am a Glendale native and lived in Glendale for more than half my life. Usually I get along with the Armenians. One of my jobs had a lot of Armeni Armenians are hard working and family oriented people. Have you considered moving to a smaller city? I get it, its stupid to drive a 100thousand car and live in a apartment! Plenty of hotels claim they have parking, by which they mean street parking, which is not always guaranteed. Finally, this is the time for a nice car for myself I fly to Colorado to purchase specialty car with 20K miles, not new but like new, in cash. . This is because they follow the old Julian calendar, which is 13 days behind the modern Gregorian calendar. Bro if more armenians lived in actual LA there would be no traffic. Could it be a bad model year? Yes. For us, the best solution has been to sleep in a hotel near the hospital after a night shift. It makes more sense to drive a luxury car. Mr. Daste says he bought two cars on credit despite havingthe cash to buy them (although perhaps he is saying he has enough cash to buy a less expensive car.) Armenians are the best drivers here. Well, we don't have a good reputation for driving in LA. And more often than not, hospitals and clinics are in a bad part of town, and shifts can start and end at all times of the day and night. Or does it just look good to see a bunch of diffrent ethnicities walking around? The post was not to defend my particular choices, but to advocate that spending a little money on a new or new-ish quality vehicle can be a worthwhile expense for a doc or other high-income professional. I think 15-20 minutes is the max without figuring out a way to sleep before driving. Nor does it mean I'll stop cooking for him. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Your email address will not be published. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. The newest cars have the latest safety features from advanced airbags to superior crumple zones, and even features like cross traffic alert, lane keep assist and collision mitigation to keep you from having the accident in the first place. I find the luxury car market to be nauseating. Some realtors drive pickup trucks, sports cars, etc., because its what works for them. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. I bought a $20 bluetooth speaker for my 2005. The reason behind my chuckling is because of the question, asking if Sometimes, the car can also communicate something about the values of the person driving it. To us, it seems like the self-driving car technology is not far enough along to justify the price. None of us get out alive. I have this friend that has been with his Armenian girl friend for years and he cannot go to any of her family parties also Armenian guys actually come up to them and tell him that he should not be with her. Cops just give everyone a ticket that goes 5mph over speed limit, Maybe 10 years ago, I used to get pulled over all the time, not anymore though and I'm still an aggressive driver. @Monique I cringe when I hear people say racial pride. Due to extreme resiliency and a tendency to stick together and help one another out, Armenians have not diminished. The resale value of used cars is also proportionally much higher since someone else has already paid the massive depreciation that comes with driving a new car off the dealer lot. I think we're the best drivers and I have many different types of people to compare that too. cars being driven by Armenian teens. So many people go in with a $250 a month budget and come out with a $289 a month payment. They listed my trade-in at a very attractive price. That's right, the fancy new one. ready? Cheaptimes M. says:Orange dress CynthiaIs armenianShe is hawt looking I would date herBut fear I gets jumpedCheaptimes-----------------------------------haha thanks Sexy! I think many readers can easily handle car maintenance and even a breakdown here and there, but to many physicians (and people in general) these events are bewildering experiences which lead them to walk into a mechanics shop as a huge mark multiple times a year. In it for the long haul. While possible, it would be a major lifestyle decrease for most. Ive definitely wasted too much money on frivolous cars in the past (a convertible Mini-Cooper that I had for 1 1/2 years comes to mind), and I have definitely learned so much from this blog. Hey Jeanny, here's a language you should learn to speak English. total of $1000 in interest over the life of the loan. Neither was a CPO but were both under warranty at time of purchase. maybe I need to check out Armenia to understand this. Yes, I also don't agree with it Apotheosis but I've seen it happen plenty. It really was not until I moved from NY I see that people are racist and I hate it. Not only do I consider it a badge of honor to drive a beater, Im sure Ive saved a bundle over the years on insurance and car payments. In fact, I traded that car in on a Toyota . ---1) "please stop being culturally relevant to what your life has offered you." just kidding. This question is of interest not only to the Armenians themselves, but also to representatives of other nationalities. KC why the fuck are you so funny? If love to hear about all the other perks this city job offers. One small accident and they're fucked. Im thinking resell value later on and what others would deem valuable, which if you drove it until dead wouldnt even matter. If you're going to make a half million bucks every year for three decades, you're going to have to churn Lamborghinis to really screw things up with cars alone. By comparison, many residents and attending physicians only have one car and they need it to run reliably every day. Then again, you might be Armenian and that was why you were being so defensive? And finally the family and professional expense of a breakdown can be extensive. The best car rental search engine for Armenia is Economy Bookings. Again, doubt theres some amazing difference between a 2008 and 2016. Let's say the note is at 2%. Sales calls are considered to be one of the best types of leads that come in to a dealership. - Podcast #218, 10 Bits of Financial Advice for the Average American, Fix the Car or Buy a New One - Podcast #116, Physicians, Bankruptcy, and What to Do If You're Stuck There,, But a lot are. and it's just how those people's priorities are set. I wouldnt go so far as to say its a smart financial move, but spending more money on a newer, bigger, more reliable vehicle provides a real additional benefit, though admittedly this justification becomes a slippery slope where youre trading your S-Class Benz in every year. In regards to the debate over paying cash versus a low interest loan, I think one of the most major points is being missed. I think the fact that the poster misspelled "seen" as "scene" says everything about her intelligence or lack thereof. While Im not comfortable driving a beater and personally risking it; in reading all of WCIs articles, I do agree that using the reliability argument for a new car is probably no longer valid. Now, Im just joking, but were all doing our part to kill the planet. Its past the most precipitous depreciation, has most of the modern safety and amenity features and is usually 30-50% off new model sticker. We tend to get overly (sometimes unnecessarily defensive lol). The answer isn't so simple. I really meant wifi, thats the big delineation in our data hungry age with overages and the like. Cops just give everyone a ticket that goes 5mph over speed limit. The difference is pretty shocking! However, in the Pro section above, Mr. Daste is mostly engaging in justifying poor financial decisions, and I'm going to call him out on it. El Sauz is the place in Glendale for burritos. The population density was 6,362.2 inhabitants per square mile (2,456.1/km). This isnt an attack, is really love to hear what you love about a huge city so much that the jobs are worth it. No. Finding yourself stuck in the parking garage downtown at 2:00am is problematic at best. Just got home from dropping it off to see if they can do something so it passes the smog test. -replaced a headlight bulb and tail light bulb. Drive a 10 year old car and you will be way ahead. I know, I know.It's so not me. And a beater doesnt need to be a 20 year old, $1,000 car. Our notes are at 1.49% and 1.79%, and any savvy physician with good credit should be able to obtain those rates or better. I work with a 41 year old Armenian guy, he still lives at home with his parents and won't move out until he gets married. His Mitsubishi Montero has magically lasted for 18 years with no problems, and so should your Kia Sorrento. I know, no every body is like that, but mostly// ------------------------This is untrue and ignorant. This way, you can avoid disappointing the clients that care about cars and that sort of thing. Most people might work 8 hours a day and Armenians might go an extra hour just to make sure their pockets are full and cars are not junk. Tesla appears to have the best system, but I recognize that the technology can become a crutch and you will not be alert for the rare moment when the system fails and driver interaction is needed (such as white tractor trailer against a bright sky is invisible to the camera system, like in FL fatal crash). Pop a special hole in the back of the license plate, and though it will trigger the theft alarm you can then push buttons in the trunk to open the doors. For my wifes car I probably would have bought her the same thing if I had to pay cash since she is on a much tighter schedule and needs something safe, sizable and reliable. Give the Appearance of I am very perturbed by people saying stick to your own! Right now while were starting our family, possibly moving across the country for a fellowship, etc., its very nice to have extra cash in the bank. Not to mention that he is the most pickiest person in the world, he will only marry girls that are under 30 and have to be super hott. ", Have I got a Vietnamese girl for you. They have 12 operators signed up to their platform at the moment: all the major companies like Hertz, Avis, Sixt and Most Armenian men are good examples of how a man should be in essence of work, treating women, knowing and keeping family values. "BUT. lol My bf is Iranian Armenian! Throw in self-entitled pedestrians and cab and marshutka drivers who think they'd give Schumacher a run for his money, should they have gotten the opportunity, as well as the average age of the cars on the road to rival that of the tech in our military, and you have the ajabsandal that is Armenians roads, and that's to say nothing about the road conditions themselves (which are admittedly improving as of recent). Sold when moving out of the country. Remember, I drove a sub $2,000 car for four years and a $4,000 car for six years, not counting the sub $3,000 car I drove for three years and the two sub $8,000 cars wedrove for 6 years. Sold it and bought a bicycle when starting med school. Like WCI said, there is a big difference spending $60k on a new car when you are a multimillionaire vs a resident or a doc fresh out of residency. I believe they made that 2001 F150 until 2004. The number of Armenian have decreased soo much with force that Armenians have to avoid interracial marriage for decades to save the old race that survived for centuries. Likewise, the smart investor knows the importance of protecting his or her income and insuring his or her life, so why should that investor choose to embark upon the by-far most dangerous daily activity in an old, mildewed rust bucket? Thanks for the opportunity to do this fun guest post! Ive lived in Glendale since 1989 and over time there has been a huge influx of armenians here. Back then, most of them were pretty quiet and kept Others will get there too, just like your family has. It's about the fact that Armenians will cease to exist if the race doesn't continue. This is a bit of a counterpoint to the posttitled How to Buy a Car. My reason for buying this car is for show, or more precisely for marketing. It's too beautiful of a language to lose. Even Teslas latest tech isnt fully autonomous. I just want to point out three things. The best way to reduce your chance of dying in an automobile? This means using a lot of gas. I hope i did not come off as ignorant. Cheap not hot chicks at such a classy joint?? For doctors or other high-income professionals, within reason, of course. The Durango died. It may not matter to many people, especially here, but thinking more broadly about appeal. You are required to have a warning triangle, first aid kit and fire extinguisher with you in the car. But I must admit Im often tempted to write the check to pay one off. Breakdowns are actually happening more than ever. All that said and done, we dont have 6 cars. Ill take environmentalist criticism only from those driving electric cars and cycling. . Reasons Realtors Drive Nice Cars. Future Me is also upset about that whole life policy, the stupid home purchases, and that dumb mortgage refinance. Choose a reliable model and a vehicle that receives your mechanics approval. Again, as a high income professional if the cost of an auto repair is causing a financial stress, you are screwing your financial life up severely. I define it like this: Alife free from financial worries, a career where you make a real contribution to society, a few luxuries along the way, the ability to help others financially throughout your life, and a comfortable retirement at a time of your choosing. For realtors, their reasons for driving nice cars include: In the same way that people dress for the job, cars are fundamental to a realtors lifestyle. So in essence they are the original Caucasians. Plus, I feel worse every time the kids slam the brand new doors into neighboring cars (including our other Sequoia in the garage.) Mr. Daste's next argument is that a fancy new car reduces your stress. Buying a car for reduced stress is just justification. Go to an Armenian wedding and check out the cars in the valet. Can you explain in more detail please? This beater driver is unphased by a check engine light or an SRS warning flashing on the dashboard, so long as the car runs and drives. My reliable Japanese sportscar has started falling apart at 100k miles. Are germans really that hard to be friends with? The cheapest reports come out on 3000-4000 dram for 2 weeks. An old classic muscle car (too many options out there) We don't have any Armenian specials. Just call it what it is. Jeanny B. says:Armenians women, dont want to be with armenians guys, because they threat them like shit!, they see the womens lower than them, dont know how to respect women, even with their own mothers.!!!! I wanted a nice comfortable ride. "@ Peter No he is Armenian! Routine maintenance, never a breakdown. Just like it would suck if Mexicans were to cease to exist. I recently bought a used luxury vehicle (2010 BMW). But realize that what you drive will affect the rate at which you move from non-rich to rich in significant ways, especially if you don't have a mid six figure income. The racial makeup of the city was 63.6% White, 1.6% Black or African American, 0.3% Native American, 16.1% Asian American, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 8.6% from other races, and 10.1% from two or more races. The authors arguments illustrate precisely why personal finance requires very few math skills, but plenty of stop making excuses skills for spending money. I moved to North Hollywood area almost 2 years ago and before that I had only met one Armenian person my entire life, so I had no stereotypes of Ar Well done, Craig. The rest of us will get there too lol. Your email address will not be published. There are definitely other ways, can get a portable wifi device pretty cheap as well. I (and the rest of my family) have successfully managed to do both. He also is willing to endure a lack of luxurious amenities such as air conditioning, windows that roll down, interior that doesnt mildew or an exhaust that doesnt sound like an air raid signal. Consider the guy who was watching a movie a few months ago while the Tesladrove itself.. Do my own wrenching? Diesel Truck for towing. Armenia was the first country to accept Christianity as a national religion in 301AD, since the geographic location has been surrounded by Muslims the number of Armenians have decreased over centuries of living within Muslim countries that tried to change Armenia to a Muslim country. Armenians are considered to be white. Winter tires are not compulsory in the snowy season. Would love wifi in t. I dunno. Subarus are great cars but I wouldnt keep one more than 100,000 miles. At least that was the only fee they could find for me. You may have been winning the argument. For example, have you noticed that a majority of the people at Magic Mountain, Disneyland, Raging Waters, etc., are mexican families? I think this strikes a balance between reliability and frugality that Im comfortable with. Realtors drive nice cars to appear successful and attract clients. As a child of the 80s Ive luckily never known what its like to borrow at 7, 8, 9%, much less 15 or 20% during the Carter administration. (Los Angeles: moving to, drive) User Name: Remember Me: Password : Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Traffic incidents happen all the time because of the mentality that a car is more than a necessity to get you from A to B. If you sell low-budget homes, driving a luxury car might make the buyer think youre overcharging on commission, and theyll try to bring it down even when its low enough. I beat your ass you say bad things about Ukraine! Also, the gas mileage sucks, so that adds to the cost. He also misses a few. (and then having to do this all over again when its time to pick the car up from the mechanic). You asked him to elaborate on why the culture might cease to exist, and he did. Drive a beater get rich, oh boy where to start with the Bostonian! For example, a resident with a negative net worth of $200K has an infinite ratio. Stop spending so much time in an automobile! Prices tend to go way up for foreigners: anywhere from 10 000 to 27 000 dram for 2 weeks. Yeah, they actually are considered white. Id prefer my metropolitan area had half as many people as it does. lol, Reed "tarded" T. says:Also, why do they wear so much damn cologne?------------------------just be glad that they do, not just an Armenian, any guy!!! Even a five year loan only gets you to $12,000 or about half the purchase price. No bullshit. Dr. Dahle makes a lot of very fair points. live your life. My last car, long falling apart, was literally undriveable as it came to a smoking stop in front of my housethat was an easy decision. I've always heard my family say (when we were poor lol) "Magic Mountain? I grew up in Glendale during the 60s thru 70s. A fun small town that was safe. Since the Armenians have infiltrated our town it has never been Based on the classy joints you've been yelping, your English skills come as no shock to me. . She is a sweetheart but faces lots of scrutiny from only other Armenians. If you are doing well financially, then by all means go for it. I like the black suede pants Cynthia too! So anytime you see someone driving normal, most likely Armenian. we just laugh. Maybe weve done that already, but I have great faith in our societys engineers that a tech solution will save us from ourselves. As stupid as it may sound to others; no matter how crummy a day I had at the office, driving away in my $70000 luxury muscle car puts a smile on my face. I judge people by character not by their ethnicity or race. Having said that, IMO the Glendale Armenians are for the most part really arrogant, obn It's not the majority you speak of, it's a tiny minority. While I disagree with your position, you held your own in the debate. Sorry for sounding like such a bleeding heart, but I dont find offhandedly mentioning trying to singlehandedly kill the planet funny at all because it contains a kernel of truth. Just look at your location and choose what works. But it could also be for comfort and personal branding. You can buy a new car today in that price range with automatic braking, which might help with occasional distraction, but its not really a solution. I know, no every body is like that, but mostly//--------------------I know I know you said NOT Everyone but mostly!! But I think in many ways were very similar. It's not because Armenians are racist. I hate them and want them dead. They are assholes beyond belief. Everyone hates them so I dont know where they get their money from. We need anoth I burned through a clutch beating on a lovely high-end Nissan Maxima back in the day during a 3 year lease. i def. It's because they have more pride in their own country than America! They are very useful, though. So, its more important that you make extra efforts to keep your car looking great. David does Hovanessian teach at UCLA still? BTW, the resolution to the key issue was apparently an updated toll tag, whos new remote wavelength was actively thwarting the keys frequency. kenya newman, clive churchill wife, booze crossword clue 7 letters, janice cooper guy williams, how long is awhonn certification valid, taking temperature after brushing teeth, heartland ecsi refund strayer university, post tribune gary headlines, best hidden restaurants in oklahoma, northwell health physician partners endocrinology at great neck, why is the witch of the waste so fat, x74 bus timetable high wycombe to slough, sheehan family companies corporate office, troy lee hunt net worth, summary justice unit hampshire constabulary phone number,

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